Millie Is So Big Now!

by Kylie Pelfrey
(New Castle, Indiana)

Hey it's Kylie again. You guys have too see how Milli is. Fully potty trained, and shakes and sits, and stays. She is an amazing dog now and I am getting married next year, and me and my fiance are taking her with us, when he joins the navy. So exited! And we are gonna breed her with a pit bull, or maybe something else, so if interested in puppies, contact me please!

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by: Anonymous

Please don't breed her... there are enough mixed breeds, especially pit-bull mixes. She is a beautiful dog.

Millie so Big Now
by: Anne

Why would you want to breed her??? and mixed breed puppies at that...what is your reasoning?
There are too many puppies that need rescuing from shelters and rescue organizations now in the US.
Please don't breed her. Think of the puppies and their future.
If you decide to please find an aussie breeder or someone with experience and knowledge to mentor you through the process. There is a lot involved in breeding and doing it right, so that it benefits the dogs and puppies and owners involved.

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Please don't breed her, especially to make mixed breed puppies! There are way too many dogs in shelters and many times pits or pit mixes are euthanized just for what they are. Leave breeding to the professionals. Breeding is a science and art. There is so much expense even before your dog can be bred--testing for genetic disease, progesterone,etc. Breeders usually put $200-300 in a pup before it goes home. And that doesn't count all the time cleaning, feeding, training, etc. It's a lot of work. Please think seriously about this.

Mixed Breeding
by: Anonymous

Please do not mix breed her. The beauty and talent of an Aussie should not be tainted by mixed breeding. Breed her to an Aussie then Ask for puppy request and you will be astounded.

by: Anonymous

I concur. Please don't breed her. A mixed breed should never be created deliberately. And the shelters are FULL of Pit mixes.

by: jcrply

The other comments are so right! The Aussie Rescue groups in my area do not have very many dogs at all. But when you look at the regular humane society organizations' available dogs online, there are SO MANY pit bulls and pit bull mixes. I cannot imagine crossing an Aussie and particularly not with a pit bull.

Have her spayed!
by: Anonymous

You describe her as an excellent companion. Please have her spayed and forget about any breeding with any other kind of dog! Let her be your friend. You will need her during the times of stress you will be having during your upcoming your life changes.

by: Kelly

I SO agree with all of the comments. Love Mille. She is a beautiful dog and companion. I have had to put two mini Aussies down in the last year and miss them. Please do not breed her with another breed. Aussies are loved for their character traits and are special. Good luck with your upcoming

Follow up because we care
by: Anonymous

What did you decide to do with your pet?

Please DONT breed
by: Anonymous

PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE DONT BREED HER! We all love dogs especially the aussies (obviously) but there is ALOT involved with breeding,INCLUDING the risk of losing her during birth!
I am sure alot of us would love to have an offspring of our WONDERFUL pets, but it isnt worth the risk!
I agree with all the above posts, that there are SO many dogs needing rescued, and unfortunatly, statistics show that MOST of them are indeed pit bulls and pit bull mixes.
Please think about this from ALL aspects from dogs and puppies in shelters needing homes, the health risk to your own dog. (she is very pretty by the way) and yes, of course the cost of breeding. Not just a 'stud' fee, but the genetic testing,eye certification,vet fees, ultrasound, radiographs, brucellosis testing, hips/elbow radiographs, high quality puppy food for a litter, cleaning, feeding, puppy shots, deworming, dewclaw removal, exams, etc. Breeding is NOT cheap ESPECIALLY if you plan on being a 'GOOD' breeder and do everything that SHOULD be done! And of course GOD forbid if ANYTHING should go wrong, such as c-section, eclampsia, etc.
What would happen if someone could not keep their puppy? Are you ready to take that puppy back? If you could not sell all the pups are you willing to keep them all? Euthanasia and shelters are not responsible solutions. Do you have the means if one of them is sick or deformed? If mom turned out to be not so good of a mom or dies during labor, are you able/willing to bottle feed them every 2 hours?
If nothing else, PLEASE, PLEASE, be a responsible breeder if that is what you wish to do.
We all want what is best for all dogs here at aussie lovers regardless of breed...

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