Mini Aussie Feeding

by Alison Smith
(Rhode Island)

I recently rescued a 9 month old Mini Aussie and I am not sure how much I should be feeding him. His name is Bode and he is a 25 lb male. I feed him twice a day and I was feeding him about one cup of puppy chow per meal but I feel with his amount of energy that maybe he should be eating more? Also he likes to go and eat my Chihuahua's small breed food once he is done with his own. Is he still hungry?

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by: randiAnonymous

perfect amount they tend to pick up weight a constant battle with aussies my little champer acted as thou i was starving her they play on us

feeding and weight
by: Dona

I have a mini aussie (16 months)-weighs 37.7#-what should I do to trim him down? I've cut food down to 2/3 cup X2 a day and he exercises at will—outside with another young dog at times. Does anyone have a certain brand of dry dog food they prefer that might help?

Dog Food
by: Debbie

I feed Dry Diamond puppy food to my Mini Aussie. He seems to like it real well. He does not eat it all at once; he tends to eat in shifts. He is approximately 14 weeks old and I give him a little more than a cup a day. He also gets treats during the day

by: Anonymous

I feed my mini Aussie doodle natural balance, Fat dog. He really works for treats and is a smart dog however has gained a lot of weight. Fat dog keeps them in check but he has not been losing weight.

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