Mini Aussie Freaks Out When People Get Into Our Pool

by Ed
(San Diego, Ca)

Hi Aussie Owner’s! We have a 15 month Mini Aussie who we adore. Most recently we had a pool built in our yard. The minute anyone walks into it he freaks out. Barking, wanting to jump in, which he does. He just can't settle when someone is in the pool.

Any thoughts on how to settle him?

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Similar issue with 1 of the 2 mini Aussies
by: Pato Gigante

We have a boy and girl mini. And at just a few months old, they boy followed my sister into the pool at the stairs. He didn't know what water was and sunk and freaked out. He doesn't want ANYONE going in the pool and does laps around the pool's edge and vocalizes his displeasure. If there are guests the pups have to usually go to the side yard until people are in. I took them both to Dog Beach in OB and surprisingly the Male followed me quite far into the water at low tide. Since then he seems a lot better about pool freak outs. And definitely age (3 yrs ) helps a lot. Here's a link to this guy on youtube zak (has the same breed) and good videos. Useful and not too long. Not affiliated in any way with him.

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