Mini Aussie Gets Overheated Easily

Hi, We have a predominantly indoor Aussie. We live in an apartment so she is indoors most of the day. When we do take her out, it seems that she absolutely cannot tolerate warm weather; and will race for the house. We of course offer her plenty of water, but she doesn't indulge in it. We bought a cooling mat, but sadly, she put a bite in it.

Has anyone experienced this?

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Overheated aussie
by: Anonymous

My one year old mini is the same, easily overheated, even indoors sometimes. We live by a lake, so he goes for a dip to cool off. But also keeping the dog's coat wet especially around the head and neck can help. A wet bandana, a spray bottle, etc. I believe there are also cooling sheets for dogs to wear, but don't have a source for you, sorry.
If you can, take your dog out early in the morning or late in the day when it's cooler.
Also, maybe investigate whether it is just being outdoors in the big wide world that is the problem - the panting could be stress related.

Soooo this is just an aussir thing I guess?
by: Anonymous

I thought my mini aussie might have something wrong with her but it seems the fur is that hot. She loves sleeping in ice packs and frozen wet towels. She runs for the door after a few minutes of being out in the heat. It will be in the 70s in the house and she will still lay on an ice pack. She is only 8 weeks and maybe can't quite temperature regulate? I'm not sure when they stop being sensitive to temperature, but either way I leave either towel or ice pack out for her to snuggle. My kelpie was the opposite. She loved heat as a puppy and would lay right in front of the fire place even though I couldn't even handle being in the room because it was so warm.

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