Mini Aussie Getting Aggressive With Me

We have a 1 year old Mini Aussie who for the most part is an amazing dog. But lately she has been getting aggressive with me. When I tell her no, she will jump and try to nip at my hands or clothing.

Today for instance we were on our normal long walk, when I had to tell her no to eating duck poop. It was like she went deaf for a few minutes, would not sit or listen to any of her commands.

I am getting frustrated when she gets in what we call "her mood" and would like any suggestion.


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Dogs Teenage Years!
by: Anonymous

Like humans, dogs have adolescent stages. Not all dogs will, but this is more common in aussies than some other breeds. Like human teenagers, dogs can become snippy and short tempered. Don't fret, though, because from my past experiences, as well as opinions of other aussie owners, they will usually mellow out at around 2 years old. If not, look up some techniques to deal with this sort of behavior. Best of luck!!

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