Mini Aussie In Heat

How long will my Mini Aussie be in heat for?

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Help Chewing
by: EMT

Our Aussie is is 16 months old, she is a very smart one. Her problem is she is a chewer. She has chewed up so much I can't being to count. She is my husbands dog & he is just about to find her a new home. We have tried scolding, her own chew toys, even a muzzle. We have a inside kennel we use for when we leave the house. Yesterday we left and gave her the benefit of the doubt and when we arrive home she some how got off and destroyed it and found the other muzzle and destoyed it. I thinks she has separation anxiety, we hate keeping her kennel when we are gone & at night. Any advise is so welcome.

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Heat Cycle
by: Anne

2 - 3 weeks but be VERY careful and don't let her around any boy dogs... if you aren't breeding her.
If you ever plan on breeding her, PLEASE do your homework as There are genetic issues

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

stop the madness of chewing
by: Anonymous

Aussies are very smart and social, ours sleep in our room and sometimes on the bed. They have too much energy to be pined up. Try running her and tiring her out before you leave her. Try the thunder jacket and leave a shirt or blanket something of yours for her to stay with, we also leave the radio on for ours.

by: Anonymous

Yeah it's sad to see and hear them in the kennel but that's what they are for. Kennel training is a must! Also try wearing her out during the day with long walks or playing fetch. She is still a puppy at this point try to give her a break.

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