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Mini Aussie Pup Won't Stop Itching And It's Not Fleas

by Madison Farrell
(Seattle, WA, USA)

My 5 month old Mini Aussie is obsessively itching! She's been treated regularly for fleas, I have been using puppy oatmeal shampoo (not too often), reg vaccines, I've searched her for fleas, fed high quality food, and no other symptoms.

I'm having issues with her food as she's not super interested but have stuck to a particular food for about a month now without any wet food as her stomach was too sensitive. Any ideas on the cause?

This is my first dog but I feel like she's just itching too much too hard. I brush her every day as I know she's losing one of her coats for summer but I'm out of ideas besides the vet... any help until I can take her in is so appreciated!

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Constant itching
by: Anonymous

It sounds like your pup has an allergy of some kind. My aussie was on prednisone for a while due to itching, then we switched him to a different food formula (lamb and rice in his case) and it stopped. I would first try going to a high end pet food store that can recommend a low allergy food, and start there. NO baths, at all until you can get it sorted out. A dog in our class was allergic to pollen and grass, it's a question of finding the triggers. Good luck with your sweet pup!

Itchy problem
by: Anonymous

Too many baths also can make the problem worse, unless directed by a veterinarian with medicated shampoo. Bathing more than once a month with most OTC shampoos--even the "good holistic" varieties--can seriously dry out the skin. My vet once told me with one of my dogs who has a naturally drier coat to NOT bathe unless absolutely needed (e.g. rolled in something really foul). He said maybe a couple of baths a year would suffice, and gave us a standing prescription for medicated shampoo. I would consult your veterinarian about your bathing routine and feeding. As mentioned by another poster, it could also be allergies to practically anything--preservatives in kibble, grains, pollens, a cat...

Itchy puppy
by: Jeff Sleep

A few months ago both Brandy our Miniature Aussie now 7 months and Doogy our 5 year old terrier mix were frequently scratching. We removed the chicken based IAMS puppy food. Replaced with Purina one salmon based dry food and Beniful lamb based wet food. That solved the problem for both dogs.

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