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Mini Aussie With No Fence

by Sarah

Hello, My husband and I are considering getting a Miniature Australian Shepherd. We have a small backyard (around a quarter acre) and we don't have a fence. We were considering getting a stake with a long leash that would still allow the dog to access most of the yard. We will also be taking it on walks around the neighborhood once or twice a day, and playing with it off the leash when we can supervise it. Will this be enough exercise for a Mini Aussie?

Thanks in advance!

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Electronic Dog Fence Might Be A Good Option
by: Anton

Hi Sarah,

That sounds like it should be enough exercise. They do love their workouts! :)

Using a stake with a long leash or rope has its downside. Dogs can get tangled up in it and it can be a hazard; especially if there are trees, or other objects in the yard he can get wrapped up in.

Another option is to use an electronic fence. A lot of people swear by them. I recently added an article about the Electronic Dog Fence vs. Traditional Fencing that will give you more info.

My Thoughts
by: Sammy

Staking your Mini Aussie in the back yard doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Your dog could become easy prey for other dogs or wild animals. Mini's are good indoor dogs and they belong close to their people. I have had Mini's in the past and currently. They are not happy as lawn ornaments.

Thank you
by: Sarah

Thank you both for your ideas!

I like the electronic fence idea, I think that would be less invasive than a stake and leash. I will have to look into it.

I don't plan to leave my Aussie out for long. It will definitely spend most of its time with either my husband or me. I'm just trying to figure out the best situation for when it will be outside.

Thank you both again.

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