Mini Aussie

by Colin

When I got my Mini Aussie puppy he was a total fluff ball! I mean PUFFED! Now he's 5 months old and he's gotten tall (14 inches) and although his hair is now medium length, very shiny, and it is starting to have a wave. Our Australian Shepherd (not a Mini) has beautiful long wavy hair.

My question is this... will my Mini's hair fill in as he gets older or are there Mini Aussies with shorter hair?

Thanks. :)

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Wavy hair
by: Debbie

My aussie just turned one and she had this wavy hair thing going on on her back which kind of looked she grew the hair grew and now she has this gorgeous shinny coat...give it a chance to grow you will love it.

Mini Aussie
by: Nonnie

I have a mini Aussie and a toy Aussie. Their coats are soft and sleek. The length seems to be the same as any other Aussie I have seen. Give it some more time, he is just a puppy yet.

Mini Aussie Hair!
by: Rock'n Vp

I've had a total of 4 full bred Mini Aussies who all have different lengths and textures of hair. My first to Mini Aussies were brothers/litter mates and had totally different hair. One was a fluffy fur ball and the other who is a white pattern mini aussie has much shoter sleek hair that lies down (I've notice that most white pattern Aussies/Mini Aussies have this type of hair which is much different than your typical Aussie).

miss marked puppies
by: Marta

I breed a blue Merle male to a red and white female. She had 7 in her litter. There were 4 that were miss marked. One is a red tri almost solid white. The others have a lot of white past the whithers. Wondering why? I am not going to breed them together anymore. I have chosen another red tri for her mate. What do think about that combination?

Coat length
by: Anonymous

There are long-haired, medium length, and short-haired Aussies. All of mine are the medium length, and I’m so glad because the upkeep on their coats is much easier. Their coats get very sleek and shiny, but some of mine do have a little wave on their back. Give your puppy’s adult coat time to come. Gently brush your pup weekly to get rid of the loose hair and to stimulate new growth. Be prepared for the possibility that his coat might be shorter than your long-haired Aussie, but you might appreciate the shorter hair in the long-run. Nothing better than a Mini Aussie, except two of them!🤣

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