Mini Australian Shepherd Feeding

by Brianna
(Memphis, TN)

1st day I got him- 6 weeks old

1st day I got him- 6 weeks old

I have a 6 month old Mini Aussie that always seems to be hungry. So much so that I invested in a slow feeding bowl because he could down his food in seconds. I've seen all sorts of measurements and I was just looking for some advice.

How much should I feed my Aussie? How often should I feed him? Right now he eats about 1 1/2 - 2 cups of food spread out over breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I've tried transitioning him to two meals a day, but he in super insistent about eating. I've asked the vet and his advice was 'you can't overfeed him at this age because of his energy level'. Somehow I want something a little more concrete than that. Any advice?

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Aussie feeding
by: Erwin's Aussies

When our female mini was this age, it seemed like we were starving her to death. When we fed her, (which we did 3 times a day) she devoured her food in a blink of an eye. We took her to the vet to get advice and he told us to get a self feeder the one where you dump the food into and they can eat whenever the want to eat. This helped a lot! It drastically changed the way she ate. After the first few days of having her new self feeder, she slowly started eating slower and more calmly; instead of eating 3 times a day with the amounts we fed her at each feeding, she began to eat several more times a day with smaller portions it seemed. Took her back to the vet and he said she's still one of the healthiest Aussie pups he's seen around. He also told us to start feeding her PenPal dog food once she got about 6 months old.

by: Anonymous

i had the same problem with my mini. I feed her mixed veggies (from the frozen section) mixed in with her regular dog food. It slows her down and keeps her fuller longer. I also do kongs with yogurt apples and different healthy mixtures. I also have trained her to sit by the bowl until I say ok so she's not so crazy when she eats.

Feeding a pup
by: Anonymous

Try feeding your pup a high protein and a high fat diet. Also quality food not Old Roy

Feeding your Aussie
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have a mini aussie too. I feed him as a adult 1/2 a cup of dog food twice a day. I keep him pretty lean. But you could go to 3/4 cup twice a day. My aussie will always act like he is hungry and when its close to the time he gets dinner he starts bugging me, begging to get food...

Aussie is to heavy she is mini about 21/2 yrs old
by: Anonymous

I feed 4natural

add carrots for a fuller dog!
by: playnjane

I also have a mini Aussie and she is moderately active. Some days she is very active. I feed her 1/3 C of Adult 'no grain' food mixed with 4 or 5 of the mini carrots per meal. (4 x a day) My vet says this will keep her trim, healthy, and will help to keep her teeth clean. Her teeth are very white, so I think it's working. She is trim and strong! The carrots add to keeping her fuller, too.

Feeding a older aussie
by: Janet

We rescued a 8 yr old miniature Australian shepherd 5 months ago, I feed her three times a day half a cup of dry with a little of mature consult wet, Twice a week a (in water) sardine, once a week a cooked egg, she cares not for fruit or veggies . She was a breeding female prior to her living with us. loves her food and is a chunky monkey. Is exercised daily.
We would welcome your comments on feeding her .
She was very nervous when we got her and is working well on her fears., a work in progress. Thank you.

Miniature Herding Aussie
by: Anonymous

I have a 5n 1/2 month old tri-colored Female Aussie. Very active. When we can't walk or run her we give her projects to do or figure out she is so smart and eager to learn. I am feeding her a high protein dry with freeze dried chunks plus raw actual dog patties. Her coat is beautiful. Very bright shine and texture......she eats 3 times a day 3/4 cup including one raw Pattie. All muscle and lean. It's all about the diet. Very satisfied and doesn't beg

Feeding our baby
by: Anonymous

Anonymous above mentioned she feeds her baby raw patties and raw chunks. Are these actual products or just raw beef patties? Thanks!

Projects for min aussies?
by: Anonymous

One of the previous contributors mentioned giving projects to her mini aussie on days she is not exercised that much. What kind of projects would this be?? Very interested since we live in New England and weather doesn't always allow easy walking Thanks.

Won't eat
by: Anonymous

I have a 9 week old mini Aussie which was checked by the Vet in good health, but she don't want to eat. How or what can I do, she also don't want to drink water. Help

pup not eating
by: doreen

The earlier commenter stated her pup didn't want to eat. Our mini Aussie pup wasn't really interested in kibble. Also she didn't drink often during the day but when she did she drank so much she threw it up. I found a good quality can food and used about a tablespoon full and mixed it with our 1/4 cup kibble and water. She loved the can food so this encouraged her to eat and had added water. I fed her twice a day and saved 1/4 cup kibble as treats during the day. Now she's 5 months old and is a good eater.

4 mo old mini aussie too fat!
by: Anonymous

I was feeding my pup about 1/2 cup 3 times/day. He devours so quickly and always acts like he's starving! He lives with two seniors but we play and walk him as much as we can. But, he's already 22 lbs and he tires quickly because he's so heavy. What to do?!

New puppy
by: Anonymous

Hey! I just got a 6 week old Mini Australian Shepherd. The lady we got her from was giving her soft puppy food. She gave us a small package of it. Which we gave to her last night but she had diarrhea today. Her teeth are really small so I’m not sure what to give her. When do I start dry food?

by: Anonymous

I have a 3 and a 1/5 month old male Mini Australian Shepherd puppy. We got him at 8 weeks and found that he only likes Purina puppy food. We tried 3 different brands of food before this and now he eats 3 meals a day! He does about 2 miles of walking a day and after the walk he gets either a baby carrot, a small piece of banana or a small bit of pumpkin mixed in to his food. Also you can try boiling a piece of chicken with a carrot. Right now he eats about 1 cup of food a day and he only weighs 6 pounds. He is a very active puppy! Hope that helps anyone in a similar situation!

Won't drink water
by: Anonymous

To the person who said their pup won't drink water. Mine drinks water, but I don't think he drinks enough. So, I give him an ice cube a couple of times a day. Sometimes he just sits there and lets it melt in his mouth until it gets too cold and he drops it. Other times he crunches it up and eats it. Either way, he's getting water.

Is my Aussie eating too much?
by: Anonymous

My Mini Aussie is almost 5 months. He has a moderate exercise lifestyle. Mostly walks everyday. He weighs about 18 lbs already. Is this normal weight for such a young pup? It’s my first time owning an Aussie. Any suggestions?

Hot dogs
by: Anonymous

Is it OK to feed a two year old Ozzie hotdogs? I’ve heard they’re good for their coat.

by: Anonymous

The vet is wrong. You do not want to over feed your puppy because the puppy would grow too fast and may have joint issues down the road just stick with recommended feeding size and give your puppy a treat here and there.

by: Anonymous

I don’t know if my mini Aussie is getting enough to eat. I have a hard time getting him to focus during eating. He takes few bites at a time and then walks away unless I feed him directly from my hand. He is 9weeks right now. He only eats about a 3oz wet food and probably not even 1/4 cup of kibble mixed in thru a whole day. I leave the bowl out at times so if he gets hungry he can eat. He poops regularly so maybe he is. I’m used to bigger dogs. So maybe his feedings just seem small to me! He’s playful still and happy so I’m not sure that he’s sick at all.

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