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Mini Australian Shepherd Is On Epilepsy Meds, Still Having Seizures, And Has Fleas

by Kay
(South Carolina)

After taking Simperica chewable flea tabs, my 4-year-old red merle Mini Aussie developed epileptic seizures.

The vet put her on Phenobarbital tabs 2x daily. Seizures started again in 2 months and Keppra 1/2 tab 3 times day was added. At that time we were told to stop Simperica and use topical Frontline plus.

Two months later cluster seizures reoccur. Potassium bromide tabs, 2 tabs daily were prescribed.

Aussie now has loss of motor skills in hind legs. She also has fleas and scratches/bites clumps of fur making sore places on her legs and trunk.

What should I do about motor skill loss and prevention of fleas tormenting her? I don’t want her to die from epileptic seizures!

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by: Anonymous

Our little Rat Terrier Twiggy developed seizures, we lost her to a tow day activity. Not sure if it was from Frontline or Nexgard. We now have the Aussie Arlo on both meds, the ticks where we live are also dangerous with Lyme disease. Sorry your dog is having this.

by: Anonymous

Does she get phenobarbital and potassium bromide together? how is her mdr1 state?
Mine had combo therapy of both and he was mdr -/- ..... phenobarbital alone did not help but both together worked fine for about 4 years. If the potassium therapy started recently, her brain will most likely adjust to it and the motor skills will come back. Mine was barely able to walk at the beginning but after a while he was back to normal.

by: jcrply

You asked for advice. You may not like mine. I say stop all toxic flea meds. Use a flea comb as often as you need to. Bathe your pup with the mildest shampoo possible. Leave the soap on for a few minutes before rinsing. Any soap will kill the fleas on the dog. After you rinse off the soap, follow with a rinse that is half water and half apple cider vinegar. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum your house every day until you get rid of the fleas. Order some human food grade diatomaceous earth. You can put this on your dog, in your carpet, under the dog bed, wherever.... It is perfectly safe for everyone. Some researchers say CBD is the best and safest treatment for seizures in dogs.

by: Jane

My 4-year-old Aussie Ori recently started having seizures and his vet immediately took him off of Trifexis which is for heart worm and fleas.
Started him on Tri heart for heart worms and I am using the Seresto collar for fleas.

He is now over 30 days with no seizures and while Ori doesn't really like having the Seresto collar on all the time he does not have any fleas and we live in Florida.

Not sure I believe that it will last for 8 months but so far so good.

I hope your vet will work with you to find the help your baby needs. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this, it is so heartbreaking and can be so scary. My vet has been great about helping to calm my fears.

Here it goes
by: Anonymous

I may get hate for this but I'm all for natural care. Get her off the poisons for the fleas (yes, they are poisons and paralytics, that's why they often cause seizures, you see them in tiny letters in the warning label). For the fleas, I can recommend Kin and Kind flea and tick spray, it smells good and I have not seen a flea on my boy as long as I spray it every 4 days or so (yes it lasts that long), it is 100% natural essential oils (the smells keeps the fleas away) so it won't hurt your girl. If you want something less smelly or just something extra, I recommend Nature's Protection Herbal Powder from Earth Animal (I use the yeast-free one), all-natural and made with ingredients that will change the odor of the blood so the fleas won't like it anymore, plus the ingredients are also very good immune system boosters (bonus).

For the seizures, I think your dog is on too many meds, most of which will cause liver damage in the long term (a friend of mine has a dog with seizures and I have helped her with this). Try using CBD oil for a while without the meds (worst thing is that it doesn't work, but at least it won't damage your baby) make sure it is pure CBD, not a blend (the blends are made since the dogs and cats hate the taste but pure CBD works better, just know you may have to force the dropper through her teeth). Do some research on this but I use Holistapet for one of my cats for her anxiety and my friend is also using it for her dog.

Also, again some might dislike this, try changing her diet to raw. A raw diet may increase her overall health and may help stop the seizures and even get her motor skills back. Again do some research on this (There is a limit to how much I can write). Definitely look up green tripe and antioxidants (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries).

Good luck to you and your girl.

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