Mini Australian Shepherd With Red Eyes

by Yoko Oshima
(Los Angeles, Ca, USA)

My 6 year old male Miniature Australian Shepherd is very healthy and active since he was born. He eats well and he's never had any stomach problems.

I have little concern that I notice that he has red eyes and sometimes he sneezes, like he has an allergy like human being. He does not scratch his eyes. What could I help him for this condition? Could you recommend any eye drops or so?

Someone told me that there is some kind of Genetic Eye problem in Aussies. If so, is red eyes also part of his genetic problem? Please let me know. Thanks

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Red Eyes....
by: Anonymous

more than likely it's just allergies.... I have a mini aussie.... well, she was suppose to be mini - 24" and 54lbs. ... anyway... allergies galore!!! (poor breeding, but she's still as smart as any other aussie i've ever been around, just bad skin problems)

Benadryl.. I give her one or 2 when they act up and her symptoms go away. If you're nervous about giving over the counter meds to your dog, go to your vet. But my vet actually sells Chlortrimaton (sp?) for allergies at a much cheaper price than a drug store. perfectly safe. As she's gotten older, I've reconsidered steroids, but when she was young, I wouldn't put her on steroids because of the long term effects.

Red eyes
by: Anonymous

Your pup appears to be a merle. Are her eyes red only in photos? If so, it is just the flash reflecting off her retina. Blue eyed dogs have different retinas than brown eyed dogs. Something about not having as many rods and cones so you see the reflection of the blood vessels in the retina versus light reflecting off the rods and cones (giving the more common bluish-green reflection). My blue merle had one half blue/half brown eye and one all brown - light reflected red from her eyes. My new aussie pup has two blue eyes but is a tri-color and she also reflects red. My brown eyed German Shepherd reflects bluish-green.

Red Eyes
by: Anonymous

My mini aussie gets red eyes seasonally, so I'm pretty sure it's allergies. I'd noticed that his eyes get red in the winter when I've used certain cleaning products. So I changed cleaning products, especially sprays, to ones with more natural ingredients and that solved the winter red eye issue. Long story, short is that I think it's allergies. Try giving your dog benadryl. Check a pet store for an eye wash or eye drops. That'll certainly help.
Good Luck!

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