Mini Colors To Avoid

by Tom Sanders
(Rodeo, Ca.)

Going to buy Mini Shepard, but trying to figure out what colors of coat and eyes to stay away from. Or should I just ask the breeder to pick one out for my wife and myself by the temperament and gender.

We've always had Goldens before, never an issue with color, seemed all the ones we had all had great temperament. Easy to train always by our side.

Thanks, Tom.

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Lethal White
by: Anonymous

Watch for any that are almost pure white. They are considered lethal white Aussies. I have one and luckily she is not blind or deaf like most of the lethal whites are. 4 of her siblings unfortunately did not live past 10 weeks old.

Lethal whites are produced by breeding 2 merles of the same kind together. 25% chance they will either be blind, deaf or both. Even though being blind or deaf is no reason to not love them as much as a "normal" dog, most people do not want to be surprised that they have one of these handicaps.

by: Bub

Thanks for responding to my concerns on colors to avoid. Another question I have is, all our goldens were very expressive in lying head on our lap or putting paw on shoulder or just listening when you talk to them. Just wondering will a mini aussie respond kind of the same way, I know other dogs are different attitudes and mannerisms. But all of our goldens were so expressive and responsive. Thanks

by: Anonymous

My mini is 15 weeks and already is very socialable and understands basic commands. She loves to snuggle and my daughter is teaching her to pose for "selfies" lol

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