Miniature Aussies - What's A Good Mix?

I love the idea of a Miniature Australian Shepherd. We are a very active family with four kids, so he'll get a lot of exercise. And never be left alone or be bored. I am looking for a mix though (I think), in hopes of perhaps getting less of a shedder and maybe a dog that gets along with strangers a bit better and can calm down a bit when the playing is over.

What do y'all think?


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by: Anonymous

there are alot of good breeders that can help you.the shedding was the only part of an aussie that bothersd me and i even learned to love that. aussiedoodle might be your answer.

RE: Aussie mix
by: Anonymous

I am thrilled at the idea of another aussie owner for they are great dogs, however, with a mix you are never sure what you are going to get. I guess it depends on what it is you like about the aussie breed.
Shedding can be minimized by doing several things. The first is to have your aussie groomed (or groom him) on a regular basis. This will keep all the dead hair to a minimum. Not only will the bath/brush help, but a good groomer will also 'blow out' the coat, which will help release all the extra loose hair. The other thing is to feed a good quality diet. This itself will help keep the skin/coat healthy. Feeding fish oil is the greatest thing I have discovored when it comes to shedding! It makes any coat soft,shiny,and healthy! It is also good for the heart and joints. You can buy it in liquid form or gell caps and put on food daily. Hope this helps.

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