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Missing My Beautiful Mikki

by Debbie
(Harrisburg, Pa)

My beautiful, loveable Mikki...oh how I miss life will never be the same. I miss how you loved catching the tennis balls when you were younger; I miss how no matter where we went, or who we met, they fell in love with you; I miss your funny "moo" sound you made when you wanted a treat; I miss how I never had to worry about any food that dropped on the kitchen floor, because you made sure it was cleaned up; I miss how you were like an alarm clock; 5:30 a.m. EVERY morning, no matter what; I miss your cuddles at night; I miss how you knew when I was upset, and cuddled up to me; I miss your constant "herding", and every night 9:30 p.m. was bedtime whether anyone else was ready; I miss your amazing, funny smile; I miss your goofy ways; I miss how you "mothered" over your toy "issit", and "lamb chop"; I know your brother Maxx misses you terribly, he searched for you, and he cries for you, I miss your beautiful eyes, and most of all I miss your big heart. I had 15+ years with you, and if there would have been any way to have you another 15 years without you being in pain, I would have taken it in a minute. I knew you were hurting, I knew you were tired; I saw the pain in your eyes, and if there would have been any way for me to stop it I would have, but that day, that final day, I looked into your eyes, and they told me, momma it's time....I want to cross that rainbow bridge. But, don't you worry my beautiful redhead; I will see you again. It's not goodbye, it's just "till we meet again"...

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