Moving To Smaller Quarters

by Rebecca
(King of Prussia, PA, USA)

We have a large house and 1 and 1/4 acres of ground. Circumstances dictate we must move to an apartment complex where we must walk our 5 yr. old Jodi on leash. While she has had numerous obedience classes, and we walk her on leash occasionally, she has had a lot of time running and playing in our fenced in yard.

What can I do to transition her safely and comfortably to the apartment living we must move into. (There is a small dog enclosure about a half mile from our apartment, but Jodi has not had a lot of contact with strange dogs.)

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by: jcrply

I think a lot depends on how much time you can spend with her. If you can take really long walks or -even better- if you could jog/run with her, that would be great. There will be all sorts of interesting things to see and smell. Alternatively, taking several shorter walks each day could also work. She's mature enough that she should be able to adapt if she's getting enough of your time and attention. You can make up for some of the physical exercise that she's no longer getting by doing mental exercises. There's a whole world of indoor activities, trick training, games, etc... that would wear her out. You can find books and lots of websites for that. You may have a dog club, dog obedience club, rally or agility people in your city. You could start with beginner agility lessons.... or flyball.... or whatever is available. The main thing is spending as much time with her as you can - and hopefully want to do.

Jodi's Move
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the suggestions. I will try some of them and let you how Jodi makes out.

Jodi update
by: Rebecca

Jodi acclimated very well. There are many dogs in our Apartment complex and she is constantly communicating. There is also a small bow-wow enclosure with a tunnel and ramp that Jodi accomplished immediately. She can look out a french door to see activity which is more than she experienced when she was alone in our previous home. She still has lots of energy for playing ball even in our smaller quarters. She does not seem to mind the size of the apartment. We take her on lots of walks that she seems to enjoy.

Smaller Quarters
by: Rebecca

Snce I commented that Jodi adjusted well to our moving to an apartment complex, there have been quite a number of dogs moving into the complex with more aggressive tendencies. Jodi has become more aggressive as a result.. Previously she was only playful. Any suggestions?

Moving to Smaller Quarters
by: Rebecca

We are now moving again to a larger single family house but there are a lot of dogs in the neighborhood. Any suggestions about curbing Jodi's aggressive tendencies as we walk her in the new neighborhood? She does have a yard in which to run, but we want her to acclimate to the new surroundings.

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