My 1 Year Old Aussie Doesn't Tell Us When He Has To Go!

We rescued our beautiful Aussie, Sammy, about a month ago. He has been wonderful so far! He is very smart and picking up on training very quickly. We are unsure of his history, but the rescue thinks he was a farm dog that was abandoned.

Sammy does not give us any indication that he needs to use the bathroom. He's only gone in the house a few times since we've gotten him, and has learned that outside is the place to go. The times that he did go in the house we were just sitting there watching TV when he popped a squat in the living room and just went! No whining, no nudging, no nothing!

We are in a schedule to take him out often so he has the opportunity! And this has worked so far. We have started bell training too. We always ring the bell, when we go out. In fact, we don't go out until he rings the bell! He knows the drill, but I don't think he has associated the bell with having to go potty. He just knows we can't go anywhere til he rings the bell.

Any suggestions? He's a great boy! Super smart and for the most part only goes outside. We've had him for a month and has only gone inside a handful of times. We just want him to let us know SOMEHOW that he needs to go!


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by: jcrply

You might consider training him to go on command. Decide what word you want to use. It should be a word you won't mind using in public :-) I use "hurry up" as the cue word. I say it as if it were a single word "huRRYup". Some people use "go potty". Make up your own word or phrase. As soon as he starts peeing, you say the word and immediately give him a treat.... every time for a while. After you think he may have had enough time to associate the word with the action, then start saying the word as soon as you get to the grass to tell him to go. Hopefully he will catch on. I'm just thinking that this may be a way to get him to associate going outside with "going" since he only gets the yummy treat when he goes outside.

No sign for potty
by: Anonymous

We ring the bell say the word and go out. Repeat the word/command when outside and as the other comment REWARD. Only took our girl a day to figure the bell out. Now however she uses the bell not only to tell us she wants to go out but if we are ignoring her using the computer or phone she rings it to get our attention.

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