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My 11 Week Old Australian Shepherd Is Having Bouts Of Diarrhea Every Week

by Maria Elizabeth
(Spartanburg, South Carolina)

Hello all! I have had my Aussie since she was 8 weeks old. After the first week she had a bout, I assumed it was me trying to switch her food to a better quality brand.

My vet advised me to fast her for 12-16 hours and make sure she had plenty of water. That seemed to work and it went back to normal about 24 hours later.

I do have her in a doggie day care. She does stay up front with the staff and isn't exposed to any other dogs. About a week later she had another bout and vomited the following morning.

I immediately took her to the emergency vet and he said that the results just showed that she had been eating grass and that upset her stomach. They gave her a couple injections and I didn't feed her again until that night. The diarrhea stopped the next day.

Now almost exactly a week later she has had diarrhea again, but she has not vomited. I fed her white rice with a little pumpkin (not pie) mixed in with the rice.

She constantly is trying to eat things outside. At daycare they play inside with her now and watch her closely when they take her outside to do her business. I watch her extremely close at home and she is always on a leash now so I can keep a better eye on her.

I was wondering if this is normal for this breed? This is my first Aussie and I am just getting concerned for her. She still wants to eat all her food. Very hungry girl. She is growing extremely fast. She still has plenty of energy and wants to play all the time. I know she is young and might just need to get adjusted.

I can't afford a $200 vet bill every time she eats grass. She also got her second shots 2 days ago, could this be the cause?

Any advice or similar experiences would be a great help!


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pup with diarrhea
by: Anonymous

This is not normal for a young pup to have constant diarrhea. You may want to have another vet look at her. Many things could causing her to have this problem. I hope you find out what is causing this. Keep us posted. Good luck

by: Anonymous

She yelped and vomited all over her crate, so I took her to the emergency vet, which happened to be our family vet whom we thought had retired. He did blood work, xrays, fecal, etc and found bacteria in her gut. The first Vet missed it because they only did a fecal. She didn't have any worms or parasites, just bacteria causing it. She has been on antibiotics and digestive medicine for a week and is doing much better. Thanks!!

pup with diarrhea
by: Anonymous

That is wonderful that she is doing better. You may want to add raw goats milk and yogurt to her diet to balance out the bacteria levels in her gut. Especially after taking antibiotics since they destroy good with the bad bacteria in the gut.

yet again.
by: Anonymous

yes, I def need to either do yogurt or a pro-biotic. She just finished her last dose, then she had diarrhea again. Hoping it is just from the antibiotics because she has had normal all week. Seems to happen every Friday now.

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