My 16 Week Old Aussie Will Not Quit Biting My Children

by Claire

I don't mean nipping, I mean BITING... hard. We have tried everything from walking again and saying "NO" in a commanding voice. Nothing seems to work. I do not want to give him up, but I cannot continue having him bite them. PLEASE PLEASE HELP.

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by: Debbie

Your dog is herding your grandchildren. It has to be stopped right away. Try a spray bottle with water...try putting her in a crate the minute she herds them and tell her NO. The only one my aussie herds is my gigantic lab who weighs 149 lbs. My Lab is a baby and wont do anything about it. If he just turned on her once she wont stop. Good Luck...Dont get rid of your dog...

re:my 16 week old aussie bites my children
by: Anonymous

what are your children doing to provoke your pup? if they run and make loud noise yes the pup will nip/bite them. i have a 4 year old son and 2 aussie pups. donk is almost 6 months old and sapha is 10 weeks. enroll your pup in obidience training with your children present. i hate how everyone blames the dog usually 99% of dog related bites are caused because children do not know how to act or behave around them and i am a professional trainer.

by: Anne Calmes

Hi, Don't give up. The puppy is a PUPPY and is teething. When the puppy goes to bite your kids, put a toy or a chew (like a rawhide or a chew bone) quickly in the puppy's mouth. Or you can buy the regular flavored popsicles and give it to the puppy. It numbs the gums just like human babies. Make sure your puppy has a lot of toys and things to chew on, and reinforce the fact that the puppy's toys are theirs and nothing else is theirs to chew on, especially not arms.

I also teach obedience classes and rescue and foster Aussies. Some Aussies are more "mouthy" than others.

If you need more explanation or have more questions please ask.

Anne Calmes
(985) 542-4993

by: Anonymous

At 16 weeks old, your puppy may be teething. Our puppy started losing teeth at about that age - made her very cranky. Make sure you have plenty of chew toys, give plenty of exercise and keep up the training. You may also want to keep a spray bottle of dilute vinegar to spritz on your hands, feet and furniture during this time.

dog bitting 16 weeks old
by: Anonymous

american bulldog 16 weeks old bite my son ? will he learn not to bite ? or will he always not like kids

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