My 4 Mo Old Aussie Doesn't Have Longer Fur Yet, Will It Ever?

by Miranda Wheatley
(Hanson, Kentucky)

Zoey when I first got her (13 wks)

Zoey when I first got her (13 wks)

My 4 month old Aussie, named Zoey, seems to have a coat that grows slower than other pups I have seen. Her litter mate came into the vet I work at the other day and she was nothing but a fuzz ball! Zoey is a black and white Aussie (if that makes a difference). I was wondering if it's normal for her coat to not become fluffy yet? Thank you!

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About Zoeys coat.
by: kaitlyn

She probably has a working coat. My aussie Indie has a working coat while my boy has a show coat. (Show coat is long and fluffy. working coat is shorter)

Longer fur
by: Anonymous

What a beautiful picture! My aussie's hair started off short and when I look back at her pictures her fur kept growning. Now at 2 1/2 years old she has beautiful long hair. No matter what happens, you will still love her.

short hair
by: Ava

What a cutie... I have 2 Aussies, Charlie is a red tri male that is 4 years old. He has never had a lot of hair and will never be the fluffly hair ball that I thought Aussie's were. However, Jackson, my blue merle is a total fuz ball and typical Aussie, totally oppisite of Charlie. I am so thankful that Charlie does not have all that hair. Jackson leaves fur balls all over the house and I vaccumn and sweep daily, so we have been getting him shaved. My husband said the dog or the hair, so it is the hair. Actually Jackson looks so much better with his short hair. But I know where you are coming from. I ask the vet the same question with Charlie, why no long hair and she said not all aussies have the long hair she see's more with the short hair than long.

Take Care

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Most 4 month old Aussies are naked and appear to be smooth coated, but I assure you that your pup's coat will come in. Some bloodlines have more coat at a young age. My 14 month old still has puppy coat, but I know that someday she will look like her mom who is a fur girl.

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