My 4 Month Old Australian Shepherd Is Changing Colors!

by Scott



Hello! First of all let me say I posted once before and I had great responses from the community. I appreciate all of you!

So I have a 4 month old male blue merle (His name is Tripp) who has recently had an seemingly overnight color change. Over the last several weeks he has had a subtle orange hue coming in on his back but over the last two days he has reddened considerably especially on the top of his head and along his back to a lesser extent. His head now is almost peach colored as opposed to black/white/grey like a few days ago.

I'm wondering how long these changes of color/texture/length of the hair will last. About how old are most Aussies before their hair is "permanent" besides the normal seasonal changes?

Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks so much!

Also, sorry if the picture quality is low :( One is from a few weeks ago and one is from today. Hopefully the color changes are visible.

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Colour changes
by: Anonymous

I have a dilute blue merle. As a puppy he was virtually white with a couple of light grey spots on his flanks and tan points on his head, feet & around his bottom. (He isnt a lethal white - his mother was a black tri & dad was a blue merle). As he has aged his pigment has darkened a lot and he actually looks merlish (ie has a light base colour and splashes of darker patches but he's still dilute. He's 6 years old now and I'm still noticing new blobs of colour slowly appearing.

Can you put me in touch with a breeder please?
by: Becky

Do you know of any Australian Shepherd Blue merle breeders in the UK please? In Kent would be great, thanks in advance.

Color Changes
by: Sarah

The same thing has been happening with my puppy. She's 4 months old as well, and its like overnight she has new spots on her face and her body (shes a blue merle). She used to have a lot more white, and now she is way more colored. Her eyes have also changed from blue to brown to blue again over the past couple of months. Her breeder says that its normal and the vet has seen her change from 8 weeks to where she is now and hasn't been worried at all!!

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