My 4 Month Old Puppy Is Freaking Out In Her Crate

by New Owner

We have a new puppy about 3-4 months old. We just got her 4 days ago. We got her a crate today so she can sleep inside and she does not like her crate at all. Barking, biting and scratching at the crate door. Do I leave her in there?

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Crate training
by: Anonymous

Your pup is probably not used to being in a crate, so you want to start to introduce her to it slowly. You could begin by putting her food in it then let her out when she is done. Make her times in it short so she knows she will be let out at some point. Toss a few small treats in for her to find so that she associates being in it with good things.
If you have to leave her alone for long, while you go to work etc, try blocking off a safe area in the house with her crate in it so she can move around and go in it if she wants. If you go out and just leave her in the crate at this stage, she will just learn to hate it. Lots of videos by experienced trainers on how to crate train. Good luck!

Make it a positive experience
by: Anonymous

I agree with the first comment. Start slowly. Throw some treats in there and let her get in and out freely. My Aussie loves being petted, so I used to sit by his crate and just pet him while he laid in his crate. Then start leaving her in there with the door closed 5 min. Slowly start increasing the time. Praise her a lot when she gets in her crate, give her treats. Overall make it a positive experience. NEVER use crating as punishment. My dog didn't like it at all at first, now he runs in there when he gets scared. It's his safe place. It can take time but be patient! It will pay off!

Crate training
by: Anonymous

My puppy is the same age and hated her crate too! I then started by only feeding her in there and giving treats in there. Letting her out as soon as she done and leaving the door open the rest of the time. She has toys and a blanket in there and she started going in on her own at will. Now she can open the door herself and go in anytime she wants to rest or play. It takes some time but now she sees her food and goes right in :)

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