My 5 Month Old Is Starting To Growl At My Children

My 5 month old is starting to growl at my children for trying to kiss her or just pet her.

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by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

It's time to do some serious training with your pup. It would be good if you could have your 5 yr old feed the pup exclusively. That could be your child's very important job in taking care of the pup. It would also be good if the pup would sit before the child feeds him. Your youngster could also hand feed the pup for a while. This way the pups knows that the food and other good things come from little humans, too! Get your whole family into training the little guy.

Re: Growling
by: Anonymous

Yes, this is very helpful. Training is very important with this breed. They can tend to be dominant for they have to think for themselves and make choices. The children need to play this part too. Making sure the dog does SOMETHING before treats and food!
Also, please make sure your dog gets enough exersise! This can make a BIG difference in the behaviour of your dog! A back yard is not big enough, nor is a walk around the block enough for this breed. Maybe a play date with a neighbor dog? A game or two of fetch? HE has GOT to run and play!
The other thing, maybe the most important is to make sure the kids are not tormenting him, and giving him a break when needed. A safe place to go when he has had enough. A dog needs quiet time too!

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