My 6 Month Old Male Aussie Is Biting My Kids' Faces. Help?

Just like it says. The dog is biting and I can't control it. He bit my nephews face when he tried to do something (I'm unsure why he was grabbing the dog in the first place). It seems like it is when the dog is super hyper and playful that he is biting. He does not bite me, my husband, the baby or any other adults. Just my two boys 5 & 6, even when they aren't doing anything to him. My nephew is the only other one he has bitten. So do I give up and just get rid of the dog? At this point, I'm so frustrated with him, I don't see how owning a dog can possibly ever be enjoyable. On the other hand, there are some days when things go well and I like having him. I generally like animals (used to work with them a lot) but this is SO frustrating! I need a real solution, fast!

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by: Gayle

I would be good if you had your kids feed the pup from their hands. It would be helpful if they could hold the bowl on their laps on the floor and feed him. This way he learns that they are the source of all good things. A training class at this point would also be great -- preferably a positive reinforcement class where the kids can help train him. Look up some stuff about clicker training. Your kids will love it as well as the pup. Make sure you include your kids in the basic training with lots of treats. Puppies are like having another kid.

by: Anonymous

It sounds as if your dog isnt getting the excersise he needs and is redirecting his frustration towards your boys. Especially, your boys. I am sure they are 'typical' boys. High strung, and energetic. This may be causing the biting. He is doing what comes natural. You may want to start with getting him out to release some pent up energy. When dogs (especially aussies) are not given appropriate excersise they will do other things. Biting, chewing up stuff etc. A backyard (even a large one is not sufficient) an aussie is a high energy dog, they need running time or fetching time or herding time... something!! A tired dog is a good dog. Then start teaching your boys some basic training tips to help with becoming alpha to your dog. Making the dog sit, down etc. then giving a treat. It may be the kids are making him uncomfortable.

You didnt say if he has always been like this or just started. He looks like just a pup (your picture) if you give him an out your pup will be just fine. You may have to hire a trainer to help you further. Hope this helps.

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