My Aussie Bit My New Baby... Now What?

I am beyond upset and do not know what to do. Our family Aussie that we have had since birth, bit my 12 month old and sent us to the emergency room. My husband says the dog must go (he and I have only been together for 4 years... we have had Maggie for 8), but I am hoping that there is a way to help her not be aggressive, and relax more. Please help us... our only option is a rescue foundation.

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by: Debbie

I would first take your dog to the vet. The dog is getting older and may have arthritis or something else going on with it. I found from experience as the dog gets older the child is on the floor and the dog and the child are eye to eye the dog bites the child. I had that happen to me 2x;s. and both times the dog bite the child in the face. The dog actually died a few months later. If there is nothing wrong with the dog then you will need to find it another home with no children.

Dogs Biting..
by: Anonymous

Having worked at a veterinary office and dog training facility for quite some time, I hear about situations like this quite often. The outcome is almost always different, but I would strongly suggest you find a knowledgable dog trainer and have him evaluate the situation - he/she will have your best interest in mind and should definitely be able to help find the best solution for you guys! Hope this helps..Good Luck!

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