My Aussie Cries/barks/whines When I Leave - I'm Making The Neighbors Mad!

by Stacy
(Gainesville, FL)

I have a 6 month old female Aussie, named Kiki. When I leave the house she crys for a moment and stops. I found out later that she continues to cry and I'm making the neighbors angry.

I "thought" she was crate trained, now it's hard to get her in the create. I give her a chew bone and a peanut butter frozen kong every time I leave.

I put her in her create 5-10 mins before I leave and don't say anything. I come home, wait 5 mins let her out and wait before I greet her. But she still barks nonstop when I am not home.

I have done everything that has been suggested to me. I have read online blogs, books, talked to dog trainers and bugged people at the dog park who have Aussies.

I also leave a toy ball out for her. When the ball moves around food falls out. I have even bought a 50 dollar "Comfort Zone" plug in to see if that would calm her down.

I take her to the dog park everyday for 45 mins to 1hr. I play with her in the house. I have done puppy training. She can sit, stay, wait, lay down, get off, roll over, loose leash walk, etc. She is a great dog.

Nothing is working. I love my Aussie! I need her to stop barking before we get kicked out of our apartment.

I had 2 people tell me to get another dog. That she is lonely. Is getting a another dog really going to help? Would she do better with another dog, or would I just be making my barking problem worse?

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tape her
by: Anonymous

Have you tried to tape her when you are not around to see exactly what is bothering her? Maybe there is something else happening. Why don?t you try putting a camera so you can watch her after? I hope this helps you.

by: wilda

wow, she is so cute...I wish I could help you, but you sound like you've done just about everyhing imaginable(I 've read all the books too, and done all the toys etc.,)taping might give you some insight, but chances are she just doesn't want to be alone. Can you leave her out of the crate, with all her toys and stuff. I crated my dogs, for the first 6 months or year, whenever I had to go out, but with each one, I evetually, helped them to be UNCRATED. Just like you, I would leave them out, then I would go out around he block for a few minutes, come back, and if everything was good, I would praise him/her; eventually they got the idea. Its worked so far wth each of my dogs. At first you might find one or two little things, but I'd go over, and sternally show my disproval(of course we know the want to please us)so they do better. Or perhaps, if you have a fmaily member who is home all the time, you can drop her off there..keep us posted, I wish you te best.

Same situation except I'M HOME all day...
by: Brad and Joanne

trying to work - Pax our Aussie is about 5-6 months, if your not paying attention, touching him HE CRIES ALL DAY... and no on the crate, can't do it, this is more I need to find a toy/activity to keep him busy. Teach him how to "play" by himself. Like right now there is nothing wrong w/him but he sits and looks at me and cries... not sure what to do but I know this is harder than a child, that I did this is ridiculous. Anyone have any suggestions?

No crate
by: Anonymous

Crates are not mean if used right. Your reluctance to use a cart to train your dog is worse if you cannot find another stimulation for your dog. Then as you try to figure it out the problem persists and the dog gets worse. Not good for you or the dog.

crying and talking
by: Anonymous

My male 18 month old Aussie has become increasingly "talkative" - he is SO insistent as if he's trying to tell me something. Initially it was for food or water - but now, its progressed to wanting to turn the TV on or 'go to bed'. The only thing that ever works to stop his 'talking' is to turn my back and not look at him until he stops. After I check food/water/play with a toy, if he's still doing it, I just turn my back and refuse to look. Usually takes three to four 'rounds' of "talking" and "I'm not looking at you" before he stops, but he is learning that appropriate talking is rewarded, and inappropriate talking is ignored. One thing. I came into the room the other day - he had turned on the television and was sitting, watching the screen, with the remote in front of him. Sometimes he barks to have the tv turned on - but it appears he has figured out how to do it on his own. He was barking because it was not on the channel he wanted... seriously. I put on sci-fi and he laid down and watched it for two hours. These are *smart* dogs.

My Aussie whines and barks
by: Bev

My Aussie is 2 1/2 years old. She can't be left alone loose in the house, as she will counter/desk surf and pull things off of them to chew - ink cartridges, computer mouse, cell phone, etc. When we crate her so we can nap, she whines and barks constantly while crated. We have a larger dog that she can play with anytime she wants, but it just seems like she is never happy, unless she is tired. Life seems to be "all about her". I love her, and when she is tired, she is very sweet. Our household is just so busy that we don't have time to regularly exercise or train her. Additionally, we have 4 dogs, and they fight over toys, or get jealous when we play with some of them (2 large, 2 small, so we can't play with all at same time). Can anyone help!??? I'm so exasperated.

What worked for us
by: Anonymous

My mini Aussie would make all kinds of noise and literally vomit every day she was crated. I tried putting her in laundry room with toys etc... not good for the woodwork! By dumb luck I tried a friend's leftover baby fence... the ones you add together to make an octagon, etc. ours is a 3x3 foot square with a soft rug to lay on in laundry room and a toy. She does not try to jump out which shocks me BC she's got springs in her butt! So, it works for us, she does not carry on or get sick... not sure if it's BC she is not closed in? I had another dog who dug out of yard w a traditional fence. Got an invisible fence and poof! No more digging. I think they need to be able to see what's going on and not feel trapped maybe?

Frozen kongs and video camera
by: Anonymous

One thing that worked well for my dog, who was not crated but I was told would randomly go on barking sprees while I was on graveyard shifts, was to freezing a 6" bully stick inside of a kong along with some small treats (have to plug the end while it is freezing). This, along with a Petsafe Booya or Squirrel Buddy worked great. I have a dozen or so treat dispensing toys and only give him access to a couple while i am gone to keep them interesting.

Also, as mentioned, you may want to get a camera. One of my neighbors who everyone had problems with them playing their music too loudly kept insisting that he barked the entire night. I got a small security camera that could connect to my phone and started making 3-5 minute recordings throughout the night. When they would tell me that he had barked all night, I would ask about what time and how long, and show them a video (usually of him sleeping or playing with his toy) that overlapped with that time period. They stopped bothering me about it.

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