My Aussie Gets Car Sick

by Debbie

Bailey Girl

Bailey Girl

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? My Aussie Bailey who is 10 months old gets car sick. I was told to take her on short drives... that isn't working. I am planning on taking her back and forth to the shore this summer and I need a solution. I don't know about giving her meds. Would appreciate any feedback.

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My Aussie Gets Car Sick
by: Linda

My aussie Scooter used to get car sick too. I started taking him to fun places like the dog park and to visit friends dogs,and he got over it because he knew he was going to play. Now he can't wait to go

car sick
by: Gayle

My 10 month gets car sick, too. She dreads getting in the car now. I have tried rescue remedy and it doesn't work on her. My vet suggested benedryl, but I haven't tried in yet. I hate to have her be sleepy. I would appreciate any advice, too. My other dogs all love the car.

by: Anonymous

Put your dog in the car. Give special treat. Leave dog there alone for 5 minutes. *ST. Do this FIVE times a day. Increase time gradually to 15 minutes. Continue giving STs. Next put dog in car ST. Get in yourself in drivers seat. Sit for five minutes.ST Get out and leave dog. Come back in 1/2 hour.ST Sit in car for 5 minutes. Start car. Give ST. Sit for five minutes. Turn off. ST Go inside. Do this five times. Wait another 30 min. After treating, sit in car for 5 minutes. Turn on engine. Give ST. Move the car forward or backward. Stop. Turn off engine. Give ST. Get out. Take dog inside. Do this again NEXT day, gradually increasing distance. i.e. around the block. Increase to 2 blocks,etc. Go to closest store. Get out, come back 5 min. ST Drive home. ST Go inside. It should work.
*GST=give special treat

Our Dog gets sick too
by: Anonymous

Our dog Jag a double merle and deaf is prone to car sickness, we have 3 others two of them were prone to car sickness, but over came the problem when they were about nine or ten months old. We just started them off on short drives, make sure they are getting plenty of fresh air that seems to help, don't give water or food right before the ride or you may be scrubbing it out of your car. Our poor dog Jag never out grew it we have to give him Benedryl just to take him to the vet, He loves to go with my son, but the poor boy just can't do it. We found that half the dose that the vet recommended works and it didn't knock him out, but we hated having to medicate him just so we could take him with us to the park, so we decided that he was happier at home, and as far as the vet, well he still makes house calls.

Car sickness
by: Anonymous

The rescue that I got Sophie from suggested 1/2 tab of motion sickness meds. She doesn't get sleepy and I only give it to her on long rides. Short rides, now she's a drooler but doesn't get sick. As the others suggested no food or water for about 1/2 hour before you go. Always crack the window for some air flow even if its winter.

car sickness
by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

We started agility class and it healed the car sickness. She now waits at the door and can't wait to get in the car.

She also turned a year and I think the growing process has something to do with the car sickness.

Been there!
by: Anonymous

Two of my aussies got car sick when they were puppies. One grew out of it as she grew. Once she could see out the window, she was fine. Just make sure you encourage your pup to look forward when the car is in motion. My other aussie was horrible. She drooled like a faucet and often threw up. I thought that maybe if she had something to focus on IN the car, then she would relax a little. I took a few handfulls of small treats and just threw them all over my car. It worked like a charm. She spent the whole ride looking for treats. Her drooling was minimal and no getting sick in the car. She is now 2 and she still checks the car for treats or toys as soon as she gets in. Hope that helps.

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