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My Aussie Girls

by Nonnie
(Houston, TX)



I have two Aussie's. They bring us more joy than any other dog we have ever owned!! They are super intelligent, loving, eager to please and they learn so fast.

Our female Mini-Aussie, Bailee Joy, is a blue-eyed, blue merle. She is almost two years old, 18 inches at the shoulders and weighs 30 lbs. She loves to play frisbee and actually trembles all over because she is so excited. We can't even say the word out loud unless we are ready to play. She almost never misses the frisbee, ball or any other toy that can be thrown. :~) She makes quite the beautiful sight when she jumps to catch the frisbee and is 4+ feet in the air and twists around while doing it. Even though we don't encourage it, she can clear a 4 ft fence with ease. It is really beautiful to watch. Bailee is dog #2 at our house. We have a 4.5 lb female, teacup poodle, Lacey, who is nine years old. Once we established Lacey as the "alpha dog". Things went much better.

Our Toy-Aussie, Maggie Mae, is a brown-eyed, black tri. She is 13 inches at the shoulders and weighs 21 lbs. Maggie is very sweet and loves to chew rawhides and other toys. We have to watch her as she will tear apart any toy that is not super tough. Even those that are labeled "tough" are no match for her. She makes you think she wants to play frisbee, but she doesn't. She wants the frisbee, but when you throw it for her, she takes it and runs out to the yard, lays down and begins to chew grass. If you ask her about the frisbee she may bring it back and want you to throw it, but when you do all she really wants to do is eat grass. Maggie is dog #3. She is very comfortable being "last". She knows her place and actually likes it.

Bailee and Maggie are half sisters, sharing the same father. They are exactly two weeks apart with Bailee being the oldest.

Comments for My Aussie Girls

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by: Anonymous

you are so blessed, not only are they adorably beautiful, but they sound like they are sweet, funny and fun. so happy for all of you, including your lacy. love their pictures.

We have three dogs ourselves, our old girl is almost 14, she is a retriever mix, then we have a chihuahua who is 3 years old, and very dominant, but otherwise can be a real sweetie; lastly, is our toy Aussie, whose just about 11 months old, and loves to play, and chew on everything. I know what you mean, there isn't anything yet, he hasn't chewed and destroyed. He is an absolute sweetheart,and my hope is that he and the Chi will become buddies(one reason we got him).

thanks for sharing your babies with us.

your babies
by: Colin

Beautiful dogs.... :) We have 2 Aussie babies too. Jacey is a year old. She's a standard sized black tri. And I recently got a black tri mini, Cayden. He's 4 1/2 months. Jacey is a frisbee dog too. Absolutely loves to play catch. Cayden loves to play but he's very content being my velco dog and sits next to me.
Aussie's are the greatest dogs aren't they!

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