My Aussie Hates Grooming

by John

I have a 4 year old girl since she was a new pup. She has always hated a brush or comb. I run her off leash several miles everyday. Burrs are a constant problem. Despite the fact that I make sure not to cause any pain when removing them she growls and mouths my hand as a warning. She loves to be scratched by hand aggressively but can't even touch her with a comb or brush. I have no choice but to muzzle her which I hate doing. It takes two people and a lot of time. Anyone else have this problem that knows a solution?

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Grooming my Aussie
by: Chad

My Aussie did the same thing it would take forever to brush him he would bite the brush and us. I finally had it, I put his leash on him and had my son hold it so he was standing on all fours, and then I took another leash and put it around his flank so when we pulled up on it, it would go tight around his flank gently. It took two people to hold him,I started brushing him and if he started biting they would pull tight on both leashes and when he stopped they would give him slack and reward him after 5 minutes he just stood there and let me brush him. He is starting to like to be brushed.

lots of rewards?
by: Amber

When our aussie, Maverick was an teenager, he hated grooming too. I was able to make him love it by offering him treats with every couple brush strokes. If he wanted treats, that was the only way to get them for a while. I also left the brush out all the time for him to sniff and check out, so that it became a normal thing he saw everyday. Now when the brush comes out he gets excited, and comes and lays down next to me. It took a while, but consistency worked. I wouldn't be forceful though, it will just reinforce his fear. Also, maybe try a different kind of brush?

Aussie Refuses to Allow Brushing
by: Carolyn Briggs

Our beautiful Australian Shepherd, Jack, will not permit us to brush his coat. Trying to groom Jack is futile, as he becomes super-agitated, and if restrained by a number of people, begins thrusting his body to the point of self-injury.

Despite reading that shaving an Australian Shepherd will destroy their coat, my husband and I finally decided we had no choice but to have Jack shaved, as he had acquired massive pelting that was causing skin issues.

When I picked Jack up from the dog groomer's shop, I didn't recognize him! He looked and acted like a young puppy again, and I immediately realized that we had made the best choice for him.

Jack's fur grew-out just fine, and for the past 9-years, the groomers have given him a "short cut."

Currently he enjoys guarding our family from harm, chasing away the post-person, playing with his toys, lounging beside the pool, and swimming.

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