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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care
Guide To Australian Shepherd Training and Care

My Aussie Is 2 Pounds At 8 Weeks How Big Will She Get Full Grown?

My Aussie puppy is 2 lbs at 8 weeks how big will she get full grown? Is there a formula to guestimate size? Thanks

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Maybe a mini?
by: Anonymous

Is your aussie a mini? Our 2 boys were around 8 lbs and avg 3 pound a week up to six months. Jack is 6 and is heavy at 77lbs. Ozzy is 8 months and around 50 and still growing like a weed. They had the same father differnet mother. Our girl Zoey is 4 and weighs in around 52 lbs, she is smaller that the boys.

to answer your question
by: Wilda

sounds like your boy is most likely a Toy Aussie. mine is 5 pounds at 8 weeks, and he's a toy. Minutures, believe it or not are alittle bigger, and heavier than the toys. Toys, I've been told will grow to about 18-20 pounds, whereas Minutures, can grow as much as to 35 pounds, and [Australian Shepherds] as much as 65 pounds, in males(I had an [Australian Shepherd] and he was 65 pounds). I now have a toy, which is 5 pounds at 8 weeks. hope this helps

How big could my dog get?
by: Lara

I have a 2lb yokie she just turned 4 months old how big could she get?

large aussie
by: shannon

We just got an aussie she is 9 weeks old and weighs 18 pounds. Yes u read that right i thought she was a much older puppy. Any ideas on how big she mite get?

Great animals
by: Josh

Our Aussie is 8 weeks old at 9 lbs. he is growing so quick and he is by far one of the smartest dogs I have ever had.

mini aussie
by: PJ

My mini Aussie is 9 weeks old and weighs 6.3 pds and stands 11 inches tall. How big will he get. Gaining about a pd a week.

Mini Aussie Weight
by: Anonymous

She will probably be a smaller aussie, but maybe not a toy. My little guy Riley is almost 3lbs at 9 weeks and will probably be about 30 lbs. My last dog was also a mini, and he was 2.2 lbs when I got him at 8 weeks. He grew to 27lbs.

right, must be a minnie
by: Anonymous

I have an 8 week old male and he is 8.5 lbs. Also have a minnie aussie/border collie mix, 4 years old and she is 34lbs.

Toy Aussie Weight
by: Anonymous

My female toy is 3 1/2 years old and weighs 10 -12 lbs, depending on summer play or winter lay around, lol.

New Toy Aussie is 5 months and weighs about 8 lbs, not sure how big she will get. She was the only pup in the litter, not sure if getting all the milk to herself will make a difference or not.

Weight at full grown
by: Lesley

My mini Australian Shepherd is 16 weeks old and weighs 16 pounds .how much will he weigh at full-grown

How big will my Toy Aussie get?
by: Indiana

We've had her at 6 wks she weighed 2lbs, she is now 9 months and weighs 5lbs.
Question: when do toy aussies quit growing and how much more weight will she put on?


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