My Aussie Is Chewing Everything Up! How Can I Get Her To Stick To Her Chew Toys?

by Rebecca
(Nampa, ID)

My 8 month old Aussie chews up EVERYTHING. Especially things she is not supposed to chew up. When will she stop chewing and how can I train her to not chew important stuff up?


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by: Nonnie

You will have to be very diligent in teaching her to "leave it". One of our Aussie's can chew through anything. We used to buy her "indestructible" toys ... firehouse material, etc. We then would take them back an hour or so later and show them how she chewed a hole in it. She would consume rawhides ... until she threw them back up in a HUGE amount. She doesn't get those any more either. She would tear apart pillows, beds, rugs, etc. Now she knows she can't have toys. We have three other dogs ... they have toys. When she picks up one of their toys, we just call her name. When we call her name, she looks at us and drops the toy and walks off. It is hilarious. We buy her real bones and real antlers from the pet store. She loves them and can't consume them. They last forever. But leave it has become a toy saver ... and a Maggie-saver. I don't want her to choke on stuff or swallow things that can hurt her. We hardly have to tell her any more. She knows what she can have and she is satisfied with it. Good luck !

still a baby
by: Anonymous

She's awfully young still and is just doing what pups do! It's up to the humans to keep what she isn't allowed to have out of her reach. You might want to also limit her freedom in the house. Get some gates and gate her in whatever room you are in so you can keep an eye on her and correct her. Practice the "leave it" command ALOT!!! Have lots of things for her to chew (if you're not tripping over chew toys, antlers and marrow bones, then you don't have enough). My aussie was about 2 yrs when we could trust him not to chew... he still steals for attention, but doesn't destroy. Hang in there!

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