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My Aussie Is Losing Hair In Clumps; Should I Be Concerned?

I've noticed over the last couple of weeks that Dolly is shedding in clumps — not the normal shedding she has throughout the year. The fur on her hind quarters is sticking straight out and seems thinner than usual (though still there). If it were spring or summer I would think it normal, but heading into the fall it seems odd.

Not sure if something is wrong or if there's nothing to worry about. Separately, we are doing major renovations on our house, and I'm wondering if any of this could be stress related?

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twice a year
by: jcrply

My 6-year-old Aussie has a big shed twice a year. The biggest is in the spring, but she then has a smaller, but still significant, shed in the fall.

chunks of fur shedding
by: Anonymous

my aussie had big chunks of fur lose and itching.

although i didn‘t see any fleas
i gave her a fleabath, tablette against fleas, ticks plus changed her food from chicken to beef.

this was in august after a heat wave.

the situation is improving.

Hair loss
by: Anonymous

Didn't see the answer to hair loss in clumps. Especially around the butt area.

Aussie losing hair in clumps
by: Anonymous

My Aussie is doing the same thing. We brush her but doesn’t help. She is on flea preventative and no sign of fleas.
She has never shed like this!
What can cause this? What can be done?

Clumps of fur shedding
by: Julie Peters

Haven't changed food and brush him at least three times weekly and seeing big clumps of hair loss. Gets flea and tick medicine regularly. I understand they lose their winter coat for spring but this seems a bit excessive. Anyone have any advice?

Same thing/clump shedding
by: Anonymous

My Aussie is doing the exact same thing. Clumps of hair falling out that seems to be mostly on his back quarter. He is eight years old and I have never seen him shed in clumps like this before.He is an inside dog and only goes out to go to the restroom, but I am wondering if it’s a seasonal thing that just has been impacted by the extreme Texas heat/weather.

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