My Aussie Is Starving Himself

by Tessa
(Glendale, Arizona, United States)

We just lost a puppy on thanksgiving and now my other dog, my Aussie, is starving himself and getting weaker. We've tried force-feeding him but he just spits it out or throws it up. He won't drink anything and when he tries, he doesn't swallow it or throws it up also. I don't know how to get him to eat or drink and I just want him to feel better and eat again.

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What does the vet say
by: Anonymous

You have taken him to the vet, haven't you?

They can do blood work, fecal exams and put him on an IV in an effort to turn things around, otherwise, he'll end up like the other one it sounds like.

by: Anonymous

Have him checked for pancreatitis.

Go to the Vet
by: Anonymous

Forget what people here think, take him to the vet.

Give your dog the assurance that all is okay.
by: Anonymous

For what it's worth... if you have taken your dog to the vet and it won't eat, it is probably stressed. The more you try to get it to eat, the less it will. Practice gesture feeding, put the food down two times a day and take it up after ten or fifteen minutes. And most of all reassure your dog that all is well by not emotionally overwhelming it.

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