My Aussie Just Doesn't Want To Eat In The Afternoons!

by Clrm

I have a nervous rescued Aussie who eats in the AM, albeit with concern... I cannot change the routine! In the afternoons I have to feed him with my hand and even then, he often spits it out only to leave it behind (my Dachshund loves this but it does nothing for her figure). I am thinking kibble (with moist food, etc. I've tried it all) may not be the way to go. He has an underbite so raw might be problematic.

Also, he is afraid of shadows lurking around his water bowl and only drinks after my other dog shows him it is safe. Any ideas how to help him?

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by: Anonymous

Your dog sounds like my dog that I have now and the one before her which was a boy.
If this is soft food, try to refrigerate it. My dogs are the same way and I have to actually hand feed them but they eat it if I hand feed and praise, saying good girl! Its bizarre but it works. As far as the water bowl. My dog all of sudden developed fears of all kinds of stuff. The vet prescribed clomipramine it helped a little. It got to the point where he wouldn't drink out of any kind of bowl, not ceramic, metal, plastic, nothing. My husband put water in a Frisbee and it actually worked! This was after 2 months of syringe feeding water to him and IV's. Aussie's are super sensitive dogs to sound, strangers, visitors, you name it. They are wonderful dogs but can be a lot of work. I think its worth it. They have been the best loving dogs I have ever had in my life. Good luck!

by: Gayle--Big Run Aussies

Have you tried just feeding in the PM? A dog will eat if hungry and not starve itself. When my dogs do not eat because of anxiety, I scramble eggs for them and they love it.

Have you tried Bach's Rescue Remedy for anxiety? It is all natural and will not harm her at all. Foster & Smith sells a natural calm behavior support called Ultra Calm. Lavender oil can also help ease anxiety.

Thank youth
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the advice. He is a love bug with me alone... Albeit overly exuberant as well sometimes. I have noticed morning feelings are best. I will try some of the natural remedies and yes, hand feeding works. I need to be more zen about it. He and I are both anxious so perhaps we rub off on each other?

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