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My Aussie Madeleine

by Andrew Ellis
(Shoreline Washington)

Madeleine was a beautiful dog. She was abused before I started taking care of her. She was 18 months old and had all four legs broken. The vets took care of her and her legs were healed. I knew the father of the young girl that had abused her but she was being abused by her mom and boyfriend. She trained yourself to bring me out of the epileptic seizures I was going through. She would jump on me until I would follow her and sometimes across a busy intersection without her leash and without my glasses. She would take me to the local McDonald's where I socialized her, and she became very fond of McDonald's food because she was so cute other people started giving her treats.

I told my veterinarian about it, and he broke out laughing she was always in good shape, and her weight was under control. I had her for 13 years by then her legs started giving out due to arthritis, and she could barely walk more than 50 feet and I did not want to see her growth the pain and talking with a veterinarian she said it's time to put her down. In my heart I knew it was when we had lived a good life together. I still have lots of memories that I will never forget.

Sincerely yours,

Andrew Ellis

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Oct 27, 2013
In Our Hearts Forever
by: Suzan

Our dogs are more than that, they are our friends and companions. For this relationship, they never leave us. They may not be with us in our physical world, but they are with us forever. They leave their imprint on our heart and soul. They become a part of us.

Oct 27, 2013
Pet Loss
by: Nancy

When you lose a pet it's very hard. It's like losing a family member. If you can get your hands on the poem "Rainbow Bridge" it will help. I know it did me. Good luck.

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