My Aussie Wants To Eat Everything And Gets The Runs

by Candy Boettcher
(Gainesville, VA, 20155)



Is there a special diet for Aussies?

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Keep trying until you find the right food for your Aussie
by: Dave

We have had to do a lot of experimenting to find things our Aussie can eat without getting the runs. Currently he is eating Merrick grain free and does well with it. We bought some expensive can dog food at petco and he got sick on it within the day. Sometimes dog treats can cause him the runs. We give ours a spoonful of plain yogurt with his food and he does fine. Also we've been giving him fish oil and he doesn't scratch nearly as much.

eating everything
by: Tom

Mine get Pedigree, since I have 2 adults and one puppy I get a bag of puppy food and mix it with adult food and she does quite well, no runs. She also eats cooked broccoli, green beans, lettuce,sweet potatoes. We only use the dry food because we have had bad experiences with the canned food.

My Aussie has same problem with digestion
by: Eliza4u2

I'm glad someone asked this question, because I've been having this problem for a long time. I cannot seem to prevent my Aussies from diarrhea. I used to feed our other dogs Pedigree canned and dry their entire life without problems. But no matter what, my dog (puppy) always seems to have the runs. My vet put him on Hills Prescription Diet dry and canned. He wouldn't eat. So I tried Blue Buffalo dry and canned, plus add cooked liver, chicken, gizzards, broccoli, carrots and rice or noodles with a small amount of broth. I try to eliminate as much "grease" as possible. Sometimes his poop is the perfect consistency, then other times, well you know, it's kind of runny. LOL Today I decided to look for a new brand, wean him off the BB, and see if there's any improvement. My dog has a very sensitive stomach and even had hemogastroenteritis when he was 10 months. It'll be interesting to read what other's feed their dogs.

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