My Aussie's Skin Problems

by Dan

He is a lovely red Merle. At about 7 years old, he developed, after boarding, 2 red sores or lesions that would look like a bite from either a snake or another dog. They began to run and develop bloody puss. These lesions then spread to other parts of his body, including his chest. Took him to a Dog Dermatologist, and she cultured the sores, saying that it was a micro bacterial problem regarding treatment with Minocycline, a powerful and high dosage antibiotic. Nothing cleared the sores. Then, I took him to another Vet who pronounced that it was an autoimmune disorder, and put him on Prednisone with Niacin. This actually cured the sores for about 6 months, then they are back again, and he won't respond to either treatment. The Prednisone made him crazy: anxious, howling at night, and aggressive. Never, ever, use this. Has anyone experienced this skin problem? If so, any homeopathic remedies suggested? Help!

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link to some photos
by: jcrply

Here is a link to some photos. Maybe you will see one like your dog's problem:

Here is an extensive chart of symptoms.

There are also other resources online. It must be frustrating to get two different diagnoses and treatments and still have the problem. Maybe another skin specialist?

Natu skin treatment
by: Anonymous

Try tea tree oil mix 1 ounce with 4 ounces extra virgin olive oil!! Use cotton swab to apply to sore. This is a natural antibiotic do not put near eyes

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