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My Australian Shepherd Is Still Acting Puppy Like. Is It Normal?

by Jun

He is 21 months old. It’s nothing's wrong with him but he is technically not a puppy but he is acting like one. He has a mature body, but mentally NO. Again it’s nothing wrong with him, he obeys well.

This is my first Aussie, so I am wondering when Aussies stop acting like children? How about your Aussie? When did your Aussies behave like adults?

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by: Anonymous

My guy is almost five, they say age five is when they mature! We are getting there but he is still up for anything. At 21 months yours is definitely still a puppy. Aussies are just so full of life and fun, enjoy it!

what's he doing?
by: jcrply

I cannot help but wonder what he is doing that is puppy-like. My Aussie will be 10 years old in February, and she still loves to play. She's still bouncy and alert and ready for anything. Today she's had a great time with her new toys for Christmas. She keeps me feeling young.

If you mean he's chewing on things, that is something that they do typically outgrow, or by his age you could have trained him to do only with his toys.

Young at heart
by: Mary H

It depends on what you mean by adult. My 7-year-old Aussie is calmer than when he was a puppy but still ready to play at a moments notice, wants attention all the time and is by my side constantly. These are all traits of the breed and not based on age. He did start showing his calmer nature around 2.5yrs of age if that helps :)

Thank you very much for your help
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your stories. Now I can see that Aussies are a very playful breed even if they’re 5 or 7 years old. I finally understand. I thought that Aussies are working dogs and that their personalities were also serious. I can see that my dog will be going through the same funny and cute patterns. He doesn’t chew, destroy or cause any troubles. He is not a guard dog and he welcomes strangers. My puppy likes to play with other puppies, although his size is no longer thatz. He always wants attention and whines to get it. If I say "go to the mat" he will slide on the mat. If I say "jump on the bed" he will jump on the bed, circle a few times and do a play bow. I give him enough mental and physical training. I am happy because he is happy. I just could not believe that his young mind would continue for a long time. Thanks everyone 😊

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