My Beautiful Best Friend, Buster

by T.K. Williams
(Albuquerque, NM)

Will's Blue Buster: my best buddy

Will's Blue Buster: my best buddy

Just as sunset is as beautiful as sunrise, today we give thanks for all things beautiful in their season. Today we give thanks for a beautiful pup named Buster, who came graciously into life, and left us gracefully and graciously in the winter of his age. The reality is, the happiness and love a dog gives can not be explained. Buster was at One with everything, at Peace with everyone, and loved me absolutely and without reservation in that mystical Dog way that can not be explained.

I have been lucky enough to realize that Buster taught, every day of his life, “unconditional love.” I have been lucky enough to have Buster as a coach, a personal angel in fur visiting and guarding my road and my door for awhile. Buster lived serenely, not loudly. Not to the highest volume on the dial but to the best reception. He awakened each day with anticipation; with wagging and greeting and smiling, and ready for running, skipping, jumping, fetching, or just hanging out with me. And as age began to take its toll on his bones, he continued to look up, prick his ears and ask: “Do you need me? Shall I come to you?” “For you, I am always ready.” Thank you Buster, for letting me be your sheep.

Buster and I walked a lot of miles together. Byron joined us and we traveled more miles together, the three of us; though Buster always and endlessly moved into Byron’s place on the bed when Byron would get up. I think it was Buster’s way of reminding Byron that, regardless, he was still on duty, guarding me, forever. Buster gave me breath and thanksgiving and told me often, “the best place to stand is next to me.” Today he said, “it is time, please send me on my way, I promise I will be waiting and wagging when you join me again.” I said to Buster… ”go find Grandpa Buss… he’ll be waiting for you!”

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Jun 14, 2009
Your Beautiful Best Friend
by: Christina

I read your storey and found myself brushing away the tears. I rescued an Aussie who had been abused and neglected, but I really know that she rescued me. They have a way that is unexplainable and only another Aussie owner can understand. I just wanted to let you know that your storey of Buster really touched me.

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