My Beautiful Cocoa! July 6th 2004 to June 26th 2015

by Judson
(Westerville, Ohio)

Her tongue was always out even when she slept

Her tongue was always out even when she slept

I got Cocoa from at 10 weeks old from Koyne's Australian Shepherds. It was their first litter and she was my first Aussie. I have and still do thank them, for giving me such a great dog!

She was socialized, potty trained and a very good puppy and she blossomed into an amazing adult Aussie. Cocoa was always such a very mild mannered easy going dog. Very very smart! I couldn't believe at times how smart she really was.

Besides one time the first winter I had her (and she was about to go into heat the first time) where I had to chase her in flip flops in about three inches of snow for almost an hour, she was an excellent dog.

Once I got her spayed she calmed down and from then on I could have her in the front yard with no leash and she would just sniff around and eventually just lay down and enjoy the weather. She really loved cold weather.

She loved her squirrel toys! Her ducks which sounded like a real duck when she played with them. Her favorite was peanut butter in a kong! Though she liked her other treats like frosty paws, whimzees and greenies and puperoni and other various treats. Though she would sit next to me and beg when I ate she would never take food unless I gave it to her. I could leave the room and come back and my food would still be there.

I always joked that Tricia who I got her from always said Cocoa was the least kissie pup of the the litter and I told her and would always joke that if she was the least to give kisses than I could only imagine how much the others gave kisses because Cocoa would always give puppy kisses.

She was my buddy and gave me true unconditional love and I couldn't of ask for a better dog and I know one day I will see her again. Cocoa in November of 2014 started to cough and my vet told me she had congestive heart failure.

She was on two medications which were basically like blood pressure medication and made her more comfortable. On June 26th 2015 she passed around noon. I still miss her and it's hard because our dogs let alone Aussies because they are "Velcro" dogs it's hard when they aren't around.

I love you Cocoa! You were daddies best girl! R.I.P. Cocoa!

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Jul 31, 2015
So Sorry
by: Tom

I am so sorry for your loss, you will meet again one day.

Jul 31, 2015
RIP Cocoa
by: Anonymous

Looks like a gorgeous fur kid. RIP Cocoa.

Treasure the memories and start some new ones with the next velcro puppy.

We have two of these awesomely loyal too smart for their own good dogs... love them.

Jul 31, 2015
RIP Cocoa
by: Tom D.

Sorry for the loss of a furry friend. Aussies are great from pups to adults and in the end they always leave a void in our heart and it is difficult for another breed to fill that void. Remember her for who she was and after grieving for a bit you will find you need a fix and only an Aussie can fill that need. Mine are Baby is a tri, Sam is a full size red merle, and Noelle is a mini blue merle. Again sorry for your loss.

Aug 01, 2015
So very sorry
by: Anonymous

My heart goes out to you, having lost my Aussie myself... there is no loyal companion as an Aussie. They love us no matter what!

Aug 01, 2015
Very sorry for your loss.
by: Anonymous

I too lost my best friend last November. It's amazing how these brilliant, loving aussies steal our hearts. I think they are the greatest examples of love and complete devotion we could ever have.The unconditional love from a dog is one of the greatest gifts we have on this earth. Your girl will be waiting for you on the other side. I pray God gives you comfort during this sad time.

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