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My Best Friend Boudreaux

by Ellen
(Tupelo, MS)

Boudreaux is my first Aussie and will not be my last. He is 6-years old. Typical for Aussies, he has a full range of tricks that he performs which always amazes anyone watching. It goes beyond tricks though, he truly listens and knows what I want. If I fill the bathtub, he knows it's bath time and he gets into the tub without command. Everyone asks me how I got him to do that and I say he just knows what I want. Another favorite was when I got sick of him killing my monkey grass because it was his favorite place to "go." I pointed to some large shrubs and directed him to "pee pee on the bush" and to my amazement, he lifted his leg and did just that. He does it every time I ask to this day.

He is my furry baby and I love him so much. He knows the family routines. If I try to fall asleep on the sofa, he aggressively paws at me and "wet noses" me until I get up and we go to bed. He knows when I'm sad, so I try not to let him see me that way because it really distresses him. My husband threw his back out one night on the tennis court and he left his post and came to his side in great distress. He routinely goes to the courts with us and knows to sit along the fence. People are amazed that he will stay. We are often asked if we can train their children for them, ha! He knows our property line at home and stays where he is told. He is my shadow. I often trip on him because he stays so close to me. He loves to load up in the vehicle and will do so automatically if he sees me loading luggage. It's like he's saying "I know you don't think you're going anywhere without me." I love him to pieces and often look into his face and tell him that he's gonna make mama real sad one day, but until that day we are going to enjoy every moment together.

If you have never tried this, get a large, fully inflated exercise ball. It is the funniest thing to watch. They try to heard it, but never win because they can't stop it from rolling and have a hard time puncturing it due to the large size. Boudreaux loves herding large balls like this and me, when I'm on the riding mower... love that dog!!!

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best friend
by: Heidi

Thank you for the idea of the ball. I never thought of that. When my fiance walks her and plays she bites the back of his pants. It is funny but we are trying to stop it. I know what you mean about being your "shadow." My Beemer is constantly with me and I trip on her many times a day, especially in the kitchen or when doing chores. Sometimes I have to put a baby gate in the kitchen door for both of our safety. I almost spilled hot water on her.
Once again, the ball, I can't wait to get one.

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