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My Big Handsome Boy... Is 84.3 Pounds

by Karma Star

Mine and my fiancé's Aussie Stoner Blue. He's 11 and is a big boy weighing in at 84.3 lbs. He exercises on the daily and has a pretty normal appetite from what I can tell, but is this normal?

- A Concerned Pet Parent

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Measure his Food
by: Hunters Emma

Your dog's weight seems very high. What does your vet say is his ideal weight? Managing your pet's weight is critical for his long term health and happiness. Domestic pets are now getting the same diseases as humans...diabetes, kidney failure, cancers....and stunningly high vet bills to match. The cure is very simple - you control what he eats. Cut back. My 58# male get 3/4 cup twice a day of a high protein, no grain kibble. Like lots of Aussies, he's a world class (but silent) beggar. I ration out small low calorie (15 cal or less) treats. I also let him have small amounts of steamed veggies (green beans and brocolli are faves) with a bit of olive oil and salmon skin rarely. He's super healthy, regularly exercised off leash, but not never as active as he'd be on the farm. Good luck!

Biggest Aussie?
by: DRT

My male Aussie is 95 lb. His vet wants him to lose 5 lb but he is just huge. Taller and longer than any Aussie I have come across. He is a Blue Merle with one brown and one white eye and is just a gorgeous animal. We think he is pure, but have not had his DNA tested. His parents were large but not anywhere as large as he is. Other than worrying that his large size might reduce his life span he seems very healthy. I always get comments while walking him such as "that's a big Aussie". He loves walking in the woods, and playing tug. Not much of a ball chaser. He leaves that to our Bernese Mountain Dog, who loves chasing Frisbees and Tennis Balls.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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