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My Bud, Mr. William

by J Hillenbrand
(Noblesville, Indiana)

Going bye bye RULES!

Going bye bye RULES!

Howdy. I'm Jay in Noblesville, IN, and this is William the RADDEST dog ever. I'm a Leo and have always had cats. Mr. William is my first dog, (outside of a relationship), and I couldn't be more pleased with him as a companion. The kitty pic is Mrs. Slocombe, his sister, and the RADDEST cat ever.

Mr. William came to me by wild circumstances. He first belonged to a Chinese national student at college here in Indiana. Supposedly, she paid a fortune for him. My friend does in-home sitting and care, and William was her client. Long story short, after traveling back to China once the girl never came back. That has been three years or so. My friend happily kept him for about a year and a half, until her girlfriend brought home this nasty, moronic boxer who made it his mission to KILL William without delay. They were about to turn the poor guy over to the pound when I stepped in to rescue him from certain death or the gulag.

It took a couple of months of very structured training to teach him that Mrs. Slocombe is NOT a sheep and NOT to be herded. He is sharp as a tack, (the reason I took him - he's half cat), and so figured this out pretty quickly; it just took a bit longer to sink in fully because he is PETULENT as the day is long. Now, after nearly two years, the two have developed a very sweet relationship. They give kisses and snuggle together all the time. William occasionally nudges her and gives chase, but she has come to see it as play, and even incites it from time to time.

He is absolutely OBSESSED with ANY ball, but particularly enjoys killing anything inflatable, (as the kids next door have learned more than a few times one comes over the fence). He is a very finicky eater, and would much rather play than eat most anything.

I believe he is a mini-Aussie blue merle; but would appreciate ANY information anyone might have about that. Unfortunately my friend's girlfriend INSISTED he get "fixed" so there is no hope for pups from him, which disappoints me immensely.

Aneehoo, thanks' for the cool page. I'll be checking in for all of our NTK Aussie info. Cheers! J & Mr. William

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Aussie Eating Habits
by: Andrea

It is easy to see that your Aussie like all do has made you fall in L-O-V-E with him. Every Aussie I have met is super smart and extremely expressional. Please don't worry about Mr. William wanting to play rather than eat. My Xenia is practically the same. She must play games for food. There is no mistake; she knows the difference between food and treats. Food is game time and you only get tricks for treats. Thanks for sharing your story. I just loved reading it and now I do not feel so alone that my Aussie doesn't eat unless she works for it by playing games.

by: Charles

He's one sharp looking beast, but you could say that of all Aussies. I love his steely glint!

One of my Aussies used to herd our cat around. He would only do it when the cat was either heading for the closet or scratching the back of the couch. He learned that skill by observing my wife and me shooing "Bob" (the cat) off the couch or scolding him for getting on our clothes in the closet. It was one of the funnier things to watch.

Mr. William
by: Rebecca

Even if he's only part Aussie, that part is the best. He is absolutely smart and will learn anything you have time and patience to teach him

by: Brent0887

Mr. William looks like a cool dude

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