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My Dear Baby Sweetness

by Kat
(Louisville, KY)



My dearest Bub. God gave you to me on Derby Day 13 years ago. You were the second pup born, and after I cut your cord and suctioned out your lungs, you were such a cute little orange furball. When your eyes opened up they were the prettiest gold, and you were such a big boy. I still have a photo of you jumping on your brother playing when you were three or four weeks old. I remember you and your dad Bear going through the who's gonna be Alpha stage and it was a draw. While I had to nurse both of you with shredded ears. Although born with hip dysplasia and very smart, you laid under the porch not wanting to be adopted so you stayed with me. Even when your so-called human dad and I divorced, you came with me, and was such a good watch dog, friend, child, everything. You got cancer a year ago in July, and it was removed and it caused you such pain. They thought they got it all, but to everyone's dismay they didn't. It came back with a horrid vengeance. It spread and spread, but you tried so hard to keep calm and not let it bother you, even though it got so big you had trouble getting up and laying down. On June 8th, Dr. Bishop and his assistant came to our home and you fought that medicine to help you calm down for over an hour. When you went to sleep you snored so loud, probably the best sleep you had in months. Then he helped you go to the rainbow bridge where you met your daddy, Bear, little Killermarie who raised you in her bed, your aunt Sweetie, and your brothers Beary and Gizmo. Now you can run, play and get into mischief you couldn't because of your hips. Wait for me my darling, as someday I will be there to be with all of my furkids, as I love you all and miss you each and every day. Never will I ever forget any of you. Little Charlie your baby and your brother, Chuck miss you very much. Even little Lauren next door cried when she heard you left. Every one loved you so very much. You can never be replaced. Love you all forever, Mom

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Aug 03, 2011
by: Nonnie

I am so sorry for the loss of your baby, friend, companion. We love them with all our hearts and it is so difficult when we lose them. I know he had a wonderful home with you and brought you years of love just as you brought love to him.


Aug 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

That was the sweetest tribute. What a blessed baby dog to have you as his person.... just as you were blessed to have him as your dog. Rest in peace baby Sweetness..... :)

Aug 07, 2011
The hardest lose
by: Robert Keeler,Weasel's dad

Your story touched my heart. I cried when I read it. Esp. because my own Sweet Weasel has just contracted IMHA a blood disease that has no cure that The regular vets know of. I may loose him. God bless you for your loss.

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