My Dog Is Nudging Me

by Joanie
(Abilene, KS, USA)

My dog nudges at me or puts her head under my arm, what does this mean?

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Nudging Dog
by: Kathy

Hi there...when your dog comes to you and nudges you they are demanding attention from you... if you give in to this behavior you are rewarding the dog and will learn all they have to do is nudge you to get what they want... any attention should be on your terms not the dog as you are the pack leader. I have 2 aussies myself... a 8 yr old male and a 13 yr old female and they have been trained that they have to do something for rewards... and by no means am I saying that they never get pet or affection but it's on my terms. Hope this helps you some.

by: Linn

Our two aussies do this it seems when they want out attention to either be played with, petted or have to go out.

by: Nonnie

She wants you to pet her!!!

by: Jacqueline

My dog nudges me when he wants me to hurry. he helps me remember things by nudging. They are smart dogs!!

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