My Dog Protects Us From This Invisible Being

by Julie

I have an 8 month old Australian Shepherd (tri color male) who barks at an invisible thing in the living room. He was asleep last night beside the couch and I was watching tv. I saw him rise from the floor with this weird body language. I don't know how to describe it, he was acting strange. I thought oh he is sick and getting ready to vomit. His neck was bent as if he was getting in the position to throw up and he kept his mouth closed the whole time as he was raising up from the floor. I said to my husband, "something is wrong with him, he is getting sick." Then Tucker started growling and stood up. He put his head down like a coyote that is getting ready to attack and started growling and barking at nothing.

He was looking at one thing which I could not see, and he stayed focused on it. I searched the floor for a spider, bug, anything and well-there was nothing. When I say search, I mean on my hands and knees, fluffing his bed hoping for something to fall out. Still nothing.

Then he started backing up like what ever this invisible thing was, was intimidating him and he continued to growl as he backed up. Then he reached the wall and just sat there. Almost like someone had given him the command of stay. We tried to get him "come here" but he wouldn't. Then I said come on take me to it. Come on Tucker lets go. Take me to it baby. Nothing. He would not go past a few steps. I was afraid someone had broke into the house and was waiting in the foyer. I searched the house and nothing.

If it was an insect he would have followed it and then ate it, not follow, growl, coyote stance, back in a corner and stay. If it were a person he would have jumped on them and barked, again not what he did. I did a little research and many people have witnessed their dogs do such things, but they credit it to paranormal activity.

A few people have said that it could be rats or mice. OHHH what about sleepwalking. Could he have been sleepwalking? One person suggested coyotes and they are around here. We hear them all the time at night. So I have convinced myself that he heard a coyote that I couldn't hear and saw a mouse at the same time. But I just have this feeling that I am wrong and something may be wrong. Please guys help me. I wasn't an animal person until July 2012 so all this stuff is new to me. I do not think it was a ghost, but I do feel like he was trying to protect us. My husband wont admit it, but I know he was scared too.


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Invisible Being ?
by: Mary King

My first question would be is your dog responsive to you in any other way and how often does he do this? When he stops staring at the invisible being how does he act? He could be having a seizure. Seizures can appear in many different forms. This is something that you might think about. Without seeing the dog it's hard to say for sure but it's a thought.

Protecting from invisible being
by: Anne

Okay this may be way off base,but I have seen dogs do this when there is a spirit or ghost present.
Is your house old or did someone die there?
Dogs are VERY sensitive to other things we are not.
The other person commented on seizures....I have seen that in another dog too, but not as intense as you describe. It could be a possibility.
I would definetly do research on your house and have it checked out by a paranormal team.
Good Luck.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Invisible Being
by: Karen

I think you're onto something Ann! My husband has recently passed within the last month. Frankie, my 9 year old tri was the most loving and loyal companion during my husband's three year battle with cancer. They were inseparable! He's doing the same thing, like he sees something that I don't. Dogs are so in tune with us. Frankie knew my husband was dying before I did! We are going through the grieving process together and he's back to being himself. I really believe he senses or sees my husband's spirit because I feel him around me as well! It's very comforting.

More likely than a ghost
by: Bill

Aussies are very protective of their home and noise or moving shadow that they do not recognize will alert them. Your dog just seems a bit more fearful of the unknown. There are many things that could have caused this type of reaction. Maybe some water running through a pipe under your floor that startled him or maybe he heard a bug or mouse moving its way through the wood in your home. Maybe something was reflecting off a glass that normally wouldn't be there or maybe your dog was dreaming and he was startled awake and just didn't realize what was going on. Does it happen alot? also you might still want to take your dog to the Vet and get a check up and make sure he is not sick.

Ghost or Demon!
by: Anonymous

Hey, just want to let you know that I recently went thru the same thing with my 9 month old Aussie. It started by her growling and barking at the unknown and around the same time my Granddaughter was being scared by foot steps in the house (like a dog walking) that I could not hear! This went off and on for about a month until one night my Granddaughter spent the night and was terrified to stay in the room by herself and was telling me that the standing mirror was moving and she heard the foot steps again walking to the mirror. Now I must admit I usually can pick up on this sort of thing but it was obvious it was hiding from me. So I put myself "in tune" with it and found out that it was a Demon! It looked kinda like the beast on Beauty and the Beast down on all four legs but it was NOT a cartoon! I told my Granddaughter to repeat Jesus Loves Me over and over and that worked it finally left!
I WILL for now on pay more attention to my dog and what my Granddaughter tells me.

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