My Dog Won't Go For Walks

by Alyssa

Hi, My husband and I have an almost 3 month Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix named Zeus! He's a ladies man and loves to be the center attention and has so much energy.

We are new to the breed but are aware of how much exercise they need.

He loves running around and biting but he we can't seem to get him to go for a walk/run to help him burn off all his energy. It takes the two of us to walk him and he constantly barks whines and tries to pull us to go home and we don't know what to do?

He also is biting and barking aggressively and and we put him on the ground and say no firmly to show dominance, but he takes it as a game no matter how many times we do it and we are at our wits end, please help.

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Aussie blue heeled pup
by: Anonymous

He is young, at three months, to expect him to get the whole walking on leash idea! He probably would much rather play. These guys do have tons of energy and they need to be treated carefully or they are easily messed up. You could find a good dog trainer in your area and get him into puppy classes, that would really help! Good luck!

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