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My Evening-Crazy 9-Month-Old Australian Shepherd

Our Australian Shepherd is a star in the day. He goes playing with other dogs and everything is fine. Come 5 pm his eyes go massive and it's like he's sniffed a line of cocaine. He goes into his zoomies, but this week he has been really humping us and biting.

He literally burns himself out. I mean relentless for 3 hours straight. I even trained him to disturb his craziness but the second you stop he's back on you again. I took him for a walk to calm down then and he was still mental.

We just find the nighttime so hard, he’s the best boy in the daytime but evening is hard. He doesn't back down when he's wired. You can move him away and push him off you, but he’s just relentless.

Just wondering if anyone has any tips because if he carries on he's going to be getting his balls chopped off.

Nothing that's on Google or YouTube works whatsoever. It's like he's possessed when his zoomies start.

He gets walked 3 times a day too!

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Mental Stimulation
by: Elizabeth

I own an Aussie, and even though she is on the more mellow side for an Aussie, she is still an Aussie and she still has all those physical needs as well as mental. That being said, your Aussie may have all his physical exercise done, and may be worn out on the outside, HOWEVER, does he get enough mental stimulation? Does his brain work until it can't anymore?

With Aussies, we often forget that they need both physical and mental exercise. They're not like Labradors where you give them a nice walk around the block and they're like "I'm good". No, Aussies are more like, "I need more" you can take them on a walk around the block 2-3 times a day, you can come home and play fetch with them, but you can't forget to give them something to do mentally. They are intelligent dogs. they need to do something with that intelligence.

Give your dog a Kong toyto pay with, if he doesn't like to play with toys then train him, he's still trainable. Just do SOMETHING with him, otherwise he will find other ways to keep himself busy such as chewing on books, stealing your socks until you have no matching pairs, or opening up your pencil case that was tucked away in a drawer and zipped closed (not that I speak from experience or anything... :/)

But yes, I hope this advice helps you! :)

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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