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My Lifesaver Aussie

by Tina Stearns
(Calvert City, Kentucky)

I found my Aussie in the middle of a highway about to be hit by an 18 wheeler. She was approximately 4 to 5 months old. Luckily the truck was able to avoid her and I immediately pulled my truck over and she darted underneath it, scared to death. I was able to reach her and put her in the vehicle. Little did I know that was one of my luckiest days.

Two months later I lost my long time companion Hershey, a chocolate Cocker Spaniel, I travelled for a living, professional bass fishing, and she went everywhere with me including the boat. She lost her life to lung cancer. Then, two months to the day after loosing Hershey, my husband died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack.

I then found myself in such a deep depression and the only thing that kept me going was my little rescued Aussie, Sadie. She stayed by my side constantly and always had her paw on me somewhere. I knew I had to take her out and take care of her and in doing so it got a little better day by day. She knew somehow as to what I was dealing with.

Sadie was apparently abused and I think she may have been thrown out of a vehicle. She definitely does not like men, especially ones with Cowboy hats on and she doesn't do very well in the vehicle either. But it doesn't matter to me, she is my companion and is always there for me as I am for her.

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My Blue
by: Mary

I had drove allthe way to N. Fla. to buy Aussie he was Blue Merle with brown on his beautiful face this was 2004 I came back to central Fl. settled in withBlue I couldn't go anywherewithout right behind me.He slept with me his head on the pillow.I have Ms and he knew there was something wrong.But in Sept 2005 my worldfell apart my oldest son Jeremy had been shot in the head he was 24 mad race to the hospital not knowing anything,I prayed if someone had to go take me but that wasn't to be.Jeremy survived but both his beautiful brown eyes were gone no corena transplant.He came home andBlue was there with him by his side thru everything-my Blue knew he needed him moreat that time.We had to fly to Miami and told someone to make sure Blue was chained when needing out or hewould look for us to my sorrow they let him free he was found the next morning trying to get home but he didn't makeit.I so want another one its time.Blue would agree.

Lifesaver Aussies
by: Mary King

What a beautiful story. Isn't it amazing how they come along at a time when they are most needed. It's like they know.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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