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My Man Finn

by Emmie
(Fairfax, VA, USA)

I had an Aussie mix named Lili, and she passed 2 1/2 years ago. She was a great girl... very loyal, protective and smart. I even trained her to go up a ladder and jump off... she was fabulous... I miss her greatly.

A year ago I was playing around and looking at pictures of new Aussies online... I found an adorable blue merle who was born on my birthday! As you might have guessed... I could not resist going to see him. He is 1 year old now and is such a joy in my life. These truly are amazing dogs.

He is a big beautiful boy weighing 68lbs now, but he likes to bark incessantly at strangers and passersby. Nothing seems to curtail the barking. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Having FUN with FINN...

Comments for My Man Finn

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update on barking Finn
by: emmie

Good news...continued working with Finn using a new trainer and using a "training" collar has helped Finn realize there is no threat and his barking has diminished 75-80%!! It is just consistency! Its also letting him learn new commands and helping him understand his environment...all good!!
Training is the key---

too much barking?
by: Anonymous

I just this week lost the love of my life, my 15 year old Blue Merle Aussie boy Cosmo. I stumbled on this page while looking for his birth mother, to let her know he passed, and that he was the most wonderful boy, until the very end.

I would of course take him in the car with me every day it wasn't too hot, and every day he would see something to bark at. Nothing would stop him from barking, and of course he didn't miss anything. So, I told him to HOWL for years, he would howl for us on command. "Howl for Grandma" was the best.

I never did let him drive, or use the computer, but he was on the verge of using the TV remote, so beware.....LOVE your Aussie EVERY day as they love you. God bless..

Dogs will be dogs!
by: Anonymous

My Cubbie wants to do the same thing, I tell him friend OK, and he stops. He is a good watch dog at night time. One night he barked and barked, I told him to be quiet, he did not stop like he would normaly do. I got up out of bed and came down stairs and there was a 12pt deer looking at him 15ft. from the dinning room window. They are ever so smart.

Barking issue
by: Emmie

HI Heidi.

It is maddening...
Finn cannot be controlled during these fits so I am talking to a behaviorist and a dog trainer. Not sure how I am going to proceed but will update as I go…may do both. Thanks so much.

Barking Aussie
by: Heidi M

My 3 year old does the same and it drives me mad! If you find how to stop it please let me know!

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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